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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Are you thinking about selling your shop? It could be empty shops for sale, or those with a business still viable, that you have in mind. If so, you may be wondering who is best placed to promote shops for sale. After all, you must have gotten a good feel for the way the market is going, with all the negative stories in the business pages. You need a partner who can act fast, and get you a good price, before prices start slipping again.

Exactly where is the market going? The outlook is definitely negative right now, for customers buying goods from your shop, right up to investors who may be prepared to buy and sell shops for sale. There is a very good chance that the UK may be dragged into a "double dip" recession, along with the Eurozone countries.

There are steep tax rises, and spending cuts around the corner, and it's not just banks and the public who face cash flow problems - governments do as well. Experts in the UK commercial property market are all forecasting hard times ahead, with investors lacking confidence to buy and banks lacking confidence to lend, especially in light of Greece's 750bn Euro bailout.

So sellers need all the help they can get. Shops for sale are often advertised in local newspapers, courtesy of commercial estate agents, on the internet with the bigger estate agents chains, or even just via confidential ads and notice boards. But somehow, while the market is being as bearish as it is now, those approaches don't seem enough to get shops for sale moving.

So many of those with shops for sale are looking very critically at their options, and opening themselves up to new possibilities.

The most common approach, for getting shops for sale onto the market, is to use commercial estate agents. But even in good times, opportunities can be missed, and sales can drag out - now, with a general lack of buyers for shops for sale, such issues could cost you your sale.

Getting a private buyer for shops for sale, in a rising market, may work -but you'll have your work cut out in today's market. So unless you have someone in mind already, this will be another potential dead end.

Where else to turn to get a buyer? The commercial business auction house can be a very quick way of getting shops for sale sold. But they are also a fast route to a big knock down in your shop's value. And even auctions can struggle to find buyers for certain shops.

Happily there is another buyer in the market now - SellMyCommercialProperty. We can cut out the fees, the hassle and the time of the other options, because we buy direct.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company with considerable monies looking for shops to purchase in all sectors, and in all parts of the UK. We can make an initial valuation within 48 hours, and then a sale agreement fast, all for a decent price. If that sounds good to you, let SellMyCommercialProperty take your shops for sale off your hands, for a tidy sum in your pocket.

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