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Business Debt Problems-Unlocking Asset Value Could Be The Answer

Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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It is no surprise that business debt has become an increasingly difficult burden for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to carry. Let's face it, the last few years may have been hard for businesses across sectors and irrespective of size, but they have born down particularly harshly on the smaller end of the enterprise sector.

For those smaller players, business debt can have a disproportionate effect on the bottom line. There are fewer options for cash flow management, and there is no deep stock inventory to dig into to weather out the storm of sluggish sales. Also, business managers at banks are decidedly less open to pleas for help from those customers that aren't at the top of their revenue generating list.

And because of the tough trading conditions, opportunities for business debt reduction have been much reduced, with cash flows into your business knocked sideways. Any attempt to reduce the cost of servicing that business debt, by raising funds on better terms from the banks, have been a non-starter, with spreads on credit for SMEs remaining stubbornly high.

Indeed the Bank of England, in its latest report (Credit Conditions Survey - 2010 Q1) on the state of the supply of credit for the SME and corporate sector has this to say:

"Price terms on new lending to small businesses were reported to have tightened somewhat, consistent with unchanged availability and higher-than-expected demand..."

So there appears to be no cavalry on the horizon, ready to rescue the finance director from his or her business debt woes.

With that in mind, what options are available for companies that are experiencing increasing difficulties in meeting their debt obligations? Have you considered the possibility of unlocking the intrinsic value of some of your fixed assets as a means to ending your business debt problems? If you own that most tangible of your assets, the bricks and mortar from which you operate, this really could be the lifeline that you need.

As recognised experts in the field of commercial property valuation and sales, SellMyCommercialProperty could be exactly who you need to turn to slay the business debt dragon. With several decades aggregate professional experience in the commercial sector, and an approach geared for fast implementation of solutions for their clients, SellMyCommercialProperty may be able to get funds into your account faster than you thought possible.

SellMyCommercialProperty can help you here in two ways. Firstly, if you feel that your enterprise is still a going concern, once the business debt burden is lifted, then we could look into a sale and rent back arrangement for you. This would allow you to pay off your business debt, and continue business at your premises, with the security of a long tenure lease. Without that business debt holding you back, the potential of your business could well be unlocked.

Alternatively, if you would rather liquidate the business, in order to provide an opportunity to move onto new pastures, then SellMyCommercialProperty are quite happy to value, and purchase, both your premises and business. You may be able to finally settle all of your obligations, with enough money left over to start again. Don't let business debt worries overwhelm you and your business - get in touch with SellMyCommercialProperty for a no obligations assessment of the help that we provide.

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