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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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You may think that business estate agents are the first, and maybe the only stop, in your search for partners in initiating, and realising, your commercial sale. But the market is, in fact, a lot more interesting than that now, with options that may save you time and money in comparison to the traditional business estate agency approach.

You must first distinguish between the roles of the different types of business estate agents operating in the commercial sector. Those advertising themselves as a 'business estate agent' can often be looking after the sales of businesses only, in the sense of selling commercial trading entities, rather than the sale of commercial properties. Those agents, whose interest is in commercial property only, will tend to promote themselves as 'business property agents'.

So you need to carefully line up the appropriate business estate agent with whatever commercial sale you have in mind, be it that you are selling your business itself, or some, or all, of the commercial property you own. Bear in mind that this may result in the employing of two different agents if you are selling both your business and premises together.

Secondly, it is worth remembering that business estate agents are first and foremost acting as middle men. At their very best, they are indeed knowledgeable, well connected and competent intermediaries, able to put together buyers and seller in the commercial market, and able to act in the interests of both. But the bottom line is that as middle men, business estate agents' prime concern is often their own interest, and quite literally so in financial terms- most business estate agents typically charge a 1 to 2% commission of the value of the sale.

But there is another option which may be much more appealing to you - cut out the middle men, and let SellMyCommercialProperty buy your premises, and/or business, direct.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company with access to substantial lines of finance, who are looking to direct those funds into the commercial property market. As a result we are able to move quickly with our professional and experienced team, fast tracking the assessment and valuation right through to a sales agreement.

Compare the benefits of this approach with that of taking up the services of a business estate agent. No agency fees are charged with SellMyCommercialProperty. In cases where time is of the essence, we can arrange valuations by our professional team within 48 hours. There is no long drawn out dance between you, as the seller, the estate agent, and the potential buyers. And you are not put to the inconvenience and disruption of having to undertake viewings.

Further, there is a recognised deprecation of properties put up for open sale on the commercial market. With SellMyCommercialProperty you get a fair and firm commitment to a price at the outset - and you are likely to get you the funds you need on a time scale impossible with traditional business estate agents. Dis-intermediation has come to the commercial property sector, and you would be well advised to investigate the benefits for yourself at SellMyCommercialProperty.

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