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Business Finance from Bricks and Mortar-A New Approach to Credit

Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Business finance is a tricky subject these days, especially when you need to raise it with your bank's business manager. All too likely, the matter is liable to be brushed away, with references to 'focussing on your business fundamentals' and promises to look at your request again when the economic climate is 'more benign'.

Undoubtedly the economic climate has been harsh since the advent of the credit crunch, and the subsequent recession, spawned by a lack of access to business finance by the private sector. However, those companies who have weathered the worst of the storm may be entitled to expect the doors to be opening with a little more alacrity now. Is it not the case that we are turning towards a more favourable economic wind?

Unfortunately, as far as the implications for business finance are concerned, those winds are decidedly changeable. The Bank of England, who issues quarterly reports on the health of the credit markets, has been less than glowing in its forecast for business finance for small and medium sized firms:

"Price terms on new lending to small businesses were reported to have tightened somewhat, consistent with unchanged availability and higher-than-expected demand..." (Credit Conditions Survey - 2010 Q1)

In other words business finance will remain expensive, as the available credit lines are not rising in line with greater demand.

Business finance is the lifeblood of the private economic sector- without ready and affordable access to credit, the capital needed to finance new start ups is at a premium, and the economy severely dented by the lack of upcoming entrants to stimulate growth.

But business finance is needed for a whole host of other activities, if existing businesses are to thrive. Stock purchases are needed to replace depleted inventories, funds are required to recruit new staff as demands on services expand, there is the short term funding of cash flow gaps, and the costs of modernising and re-tooling a firm with more efficient equipment- the list goes on.

Whilst there are several alternatives to traditional business finance sources, such as asset based lending, the tightened credit market conditions have affected the cost and availability of those as well, with little prospect for improvement. There is, however, one asset that has remained a rock solid tangible in these difficult conditions- the commercial property from which you do business.

If you own those premises, then you do, potentially, have access to the business finance you need- quite literally on your doorstep. The question then is how to realise the value- after all, you still need somewhere to trade from. This is where SellMyCommercialProperty can step in and become partners in releasing funds for your business finance requirement.

We are a property investment company specialising in the commercial property sector- we can buy the premises for you, whilst still giving you security of tenure, by putting in place a long term lease agreement at the same time as the sale. Our professional team are able to value your property quickly, give you the best price, and then hand over the funds you need. Get in touch with SellMyCommercialProperty, and let us show you how simple, and advantageous, a source of business finance this route can be for you.

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