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Business Lending - How Property Assets Can Unlock Cash Finance

Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

Find out what's really going on in the Commercial Property Space with Jason Werth, our MD and Commercial Property expert.

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Creativity and market acumen may provide the impetus for your enterprise, but business lending is its lifeblood. Without adequate sources of business lending, to fund anything from stock purchases, to key expansion strategies, or just to cover the day to day cash flow shortfalls, you may find your business faltering, and in today's uncertain economic climate, even failing.

The business lenders that most small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) utilise were, until recently, the high street banks, with most firms making some use of the credit facilities that come with the typical business account package. Such business lending may have consisted of an overdraft facility on a business bank account or business loans on reasonably favourable terms, extended to your firm.

Those facilities and favourable terms have been a thing of the past for quite some time now- many banks have severely cut back on the amount of credit on offer, or sharply increased the cost of supplying business lending to SMEs.

Many in the SME sector have been looking for an improvement in this situation, as the economy shows signs of a stable recovery and immediate lender worries of enterprise credit rating dissipate. That may be a false hope however.

The Bank of England, in its latest assessment of the provision of credit (Credit Conditions Survey -2010 Q1) has observed higher prices for credit for SMEs, related to an under supply of business lending with respect to increased credit demand. There is all likelihood this will remain the case, whilst the threat of a 'double dip' recession has not been entirely exorcised from the horizon.

The question of how you will manage to secure business lending, when your business lender remains recalcitrant, therefore remains a pressing one, over the short to medium term. Who else can you turn to provide business lending?

This is where SellMyCommercialProperty can help you. We employ experts in valuing and rapidly buying all types of commercial property, operate countrywide, and at short notice, can help secure property owners much needed monies from their premises. We are particularly qualified in arranging sale and rent back agreements (also known as sale and lease backs). This is an arrangement whereby you get to stay in the property after the sale, under a long term lease.

Our team is able to make an initial assessment, and valuation, within 48 hours. You will find the price offered very reasonable, and we won't charge any fees. Once price and terms of the lease have been agreed on, SellMyCommercialProperty can ensure you receive the sale proceeds quickly. This is because we have immediate access to cash funds made available by our investors, who are seeking to participate in the commercial property sector- we don't need to raise lending ourselves and don't require valuations.

Such an arrangement gives you the chance to solve your business lending problems yourself with the minimum of fuss, letting you get on with running your business. Fill out your contact details online today, and we will be in touch to show you how we can help.

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