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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

Find out what's really going on in the Commercial Property Space with Jason Werth, our MD and Commercial Property expert.

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There can be many potential purchasers in the market to buy commercial property. And when considering the sale of an asset with as high an intrinsic value as commercial property, it is important to get a feel for who is on the other side of the transaction. After all, you are seeking to extract maximum value from your commercial property, with a minimum of delay and inconvenience to you. By better understanding who is out to buy commercial property, you will be better placed to make sure your sale works for you.

The market for buying commercial property is quite a diverse one. The commercial property you have in mind could range from a single shop to a large retail park, from a small office to a major office complex. And the location can vary from a rural high street, to a major urban business district. But there are several common types of purchaser out to buy commercial property, whatever the size, type or location of the premises on the market.

The most difficult to pin down, and make general categorisations about, are individual property investors. Their motives in seeking to buy commercial property may be purely pragmatic, if they are looking for premises that will house a current business, or start up enterprise. If so, specific features of a commercial property may be what sways their decision to buy business property.

Or their motives may be speculative, if they are property investors looking to buy commercial property purely from the basis of earning a quick return. In this case, their interest in your property is more likely driven by wider market factors, in your sector and locale.

There are also commercial property companies, who may be seeking to earn profits on commercial property for shareholders from either rental incomes or capital value appreciation. More recently real estate investment trusts, or REITs, have sprung up to take advantage of favourable tax legislation for mutual funds.

Their special focus is on maximising their returns for those participating in the fund, particularly through tracking the cycles in the value of commercial property. Economic factors that influence commercial property rents and valuation will be at the back of the mind of both these types of purchaser.

Whatever their motivation, the one issue facing all of these market participants, looking to buy commercial property, is the raising of finance to enable their purchases. This has been hard over the last two years, because of the sheer lack of banks willing to lend, especially into as speculative a market as commercial property. Not surprisingly this has kept many purchasers out of the sector.

SellMyCommercialProperty are new entrant into the UK commercial property sector, who will not have any difficulties in being able to buy commercial properties. That is because we are an investment company with substantial finance already allocated- we do not need to rely on banks, or credit conditions, to secure finance.

We are looking to buy commercial property across the UK, and can move quickly to close the sale, at a fair price. If that sounds like the type of purchaser you would like to buy your commercial property, then do contact SellMyCommercialProperty for more information.

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