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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you have your catering business for sale, you may be wondering whether there is anyone out there in the market. Whatever your agent may say, when measured in terms of serious viewings, the ranks of those eager to snap your catering business up may look pretty thin from your vantage point.

Does this chime with what you are seeing? If so, you are in good company - the broader market of commercial property and businesses has slowed down recently, after a year or so of shaky growth.

This is a reflection of the poor outlook that many consumers and businesses have- they are worried about how the severe government cutbacks announced in the Budget will affect them. And that is hitting the confidence of all business buyers, including those looking for catering firms.

So many of those selling their own business are looking at all their options for getting their business onto the market, and sold. Let's look through them:

The most common route for those with catering businesses and premises for sale is the business estate agent (or a business transfer agent if you are just selling the catering business). These are the tried and tested partners for getting small businesses sold, using their local market knowledge to good effect. And indeed the best business estate agents can be well connected and competent middle men.

But not all experiences of agents are good- sales can drag out, good opportunities can be missed, and the agents don't seem to be foregoing their high fees - many catering businesses for sale with estate agents will have to pay a 1 to 2% commission fee for the privilege of matching you to a buyer.

Another option is the commercial business auction house. They can be a fast way of getting money from a sale, but you will suffer from significant drawbacks. The market value of your catering business for sale will be knocked down considerably at auction, plus you will still be paying fees and commissions. There is also no guarantee that your catering business for sale will find a willing buyer on the day.

A private buyer for your catering business for sale can make sense, but you'll have your work cut out to find those with a serious interest to buy from you. There aren't as many buyers around as there were, so unless you have someone in mind already, this may be quite a hard route to follow.

Happily there is another option. You can cut out the fees, the hassle and the middle men, and let SellMyCommercialProperty take your catering business for sale off your hands, for a tidy sum in your pocket, fast. Also, if you want your sale to go through without alerting your staff or customers, we can work with you on a confidential basis so no-one will be aware of the sale.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company with substantial monies looking for businesses property to purchase as part of their investment strategy. We are putting those funds into small businesses property across all sectors, and in all parts of the UK. , We could make an initial valuation within 48 hours, so a sale agreement can be arranged quickly, for a decent price, with no agency fees or commissions.

So call us at SellMyCommercialProperty today - the sale of your catering business property can happen sooner than you might think possible.

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