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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

Find out what's really going on in the Commercial Property Space with Jason Werth, our MD and Commercial Property expert.

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Commercial agents can easily justify their purpose in the grand scheme of things- the owning of commercial property requires an investment in more than just monies. It requires an investment of time and energy to buy, sell and maintain the property, as well as keep all of your tenants happy. Your local commercial agency is more than willing to help property owners divest themselves of these laborious tasks.

So, when it comes to an upcoming sale of your property, you may be tempted to turn to your commercial agents as the preferential partner in initiating, and realising, your commercial sale. But the market does provide other options that you would definitely be worth investigating- they could save you time and money when compared to the traditional business estate agency sale.

But first, what sort of a sale do you envisage - is it the commercial property only, just the business, or possibly both? Those commercial agents whose interest is in commercial property only will tend to promote themselves as 'commercial property estate agents'. Conversely, those commercial agents interested in looking only after the sales of businesses will generally refer to themselves as 'business transfer agents'. Make sure your commercial agent has the experience in the role you need before you even consider them for undertaking your sale.

The most salient point to recall when looking at the suitability of commercial agents for a commercial sale is that they are acting as middle men. They may indeed be knowledgeable, well connected and competent middlemen, but the bottom line is that their main concern is all too often their own interest- rather than that of the parties they are trying to bring together and most importantly the party they are acting for. And that may mean making a sale at a price or timing that won't suit you, in order to realise their fee.

Commercial agents may also take time to arrange the sale, and may pass onto you inappropriate and time wasting viewings for prospective buyers. Additionally, exposing your property to the open market has the unwelcome effect of immediately causing a depreciation below it's true value- the market knows you need a sale.

There is another option which may be appeal to you, which is to cut out the middle men. SellMyCommercialProperty can buy your premises, business, or both, direct.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company with fast access to substantial funds, who are looking to place those funds into the commercial property sector. This allows us to move quickly, with our professional team able to fast track the assessment and valuation, and get your sale agreed faster than you could have hoped.

The benefits over a commercial agent are clear - you won't be put to the inconvenience of viewings of you premises, you don't have to be party to a three way tussle over the sale, and you won't have to pay fees or commissions. Instead you realise your property's fair value, with due simplicity and speed. What commercial agent can compete with that? So get in touch with SellMyCommercialProperty now, and leave the middle men behind.

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