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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

Find out what's really going on in the Commercial Property Space with Jason Werth, our MD and Commercial Property expert.

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Commercial business sales can be transactions fraught with problems, especially with today's challenging market conditions. You need to be sure you can get a fair market price, but at the same time, speed is of the essence in a down market - you don't want to be left hanging with a property that is depreciating. And all the indications are that the current market is about to turn downwards again.

The most recent Investment Property Forum Survey of Independent Financial Advisers (IFA's) indicates that IFAs are recommending that private investors reduce their exposure to commercial business property - that advice covers individual commercial property investors, pension funds who invest in commercial property, and those exposed to commercial property via their pension fund.

This is certain to cause many investors to stop buying commercial business property and start selling what they do own. And whilst tight credit conditions continue to bear down on the ability of investors to borrow, it seems inevitable that prices will recommence their trend southwards - especially if commercial property supply increases.

If speed is of the essence, then who can you trust to act quickly on buying your commercial business for sale?

Individual property investors are one option, and they can move fast, if they have ready access to funds for investment. But, in most cases, such investors are beholden to banks and credit houses for their funds. With credit supply short, you may find it hard to find a property investor who is in the market for your particular commercial business.

Another option is the commercial business estate agent. They may have a great deal of experience in the local market, and can have good connections to a range of commercial business buyers. But speed of transaction is not something that estate agents are reputed for. And unfortunately, high fees, and a somewhat disinterested stance, are certainly not uncommon when dealing with commercial business estate agents.

Finally, there is the commercial property auction house. But that route really is for those in urgent need of cash - the market value of your commercial business property can suffer a sharp knock down at auction. And you will still liable for fees and commission, without even being guaranteed of finding someone willing to buy your commercial business.

There is another option for those with commercial businesses for sale, however - SellMyCommercialProperty. We are a new entrant into the UK commercial property sector. Because we are an investment company, with substantial finance already allocated, the adverse credit conditions do not affect us - we don't need to rely on banks, or credit houses, to secure finance. So we are able to move fast.

We are looking to buy commercial business and property across the UK, and our dedicated and professional team can move quickly to give you the fair price for your commercial business. If this sounds attractive, then do contact SellMyCommercialProperty for more details, and let us show you that we are right partner for your commercial business sale.

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