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Commercial Estate Agents-Are They Best Placed To Close Your Sale?

Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Commercial estate agents may well be who first come to mind, if you are considering the sale of a business premises that you own. After all, in the residential property sector, estate agents are the first port of call for anyone looking to sell their home. So what is it that a commercial estate agent can offer to someone looking to sell their shop, office or industrial property?

Well, as with a residential estate agent, commercial estate agents offer their clients a mediation service- that is to say they act as middle men between those who have properties available for sale, and those interested in buying commercial property. For the seller, commercial estate agents will promote the commercial property on the market, via the internet, sales literature, and pages in relevant magazines and local newspapers.

Commercial estate agents will also filter out the interested parties to those who seem serious, arrange viewings and handle the price negotiations, once there is a commitment to buy from a prospective purchaser. For these services commercial estate agents will normally extract a fairly hefty fee- typically 1-2% of the value of the sale.

But it is worth remembering that commercial estate agents are acting as middle men- their interest is in making a sale that earns them a fee. This means that they may be quite selective in deciding which properties to take onto their books. If they think the location or type of business will mean that extra effort will be required to close a sale, they may well decline to take your sale on. However, if they do take it on, and if they are not immediately successful in achieving a sale, they may let your property fall by the wayside and dispense with the time and attention needed to find a buyer.

Commercial estate agents may act against your best interests, and in their own, in the hope of closing a sale, even if that means a reduced price for your commercial property. And you may find that opportunities are missed, as commercial estate agents may put resources into other client's sales that seem more promising. So what can you do, if you want to avoid the problems of using middle men?

Well, there is another option which may be much more attractive, and enable you to cut out agent hassles - let a direct buy company such as SellMyCommercialProperty buy your premises from you.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company, with access to deep lines of finance, who are looking to place those monies into the commercial property market. Because our monies are readily available, we are able to move speedily with our professional team, putting assessment and valuation on a fast track through to a sales agreement.

In comparison with commercial estate agents, there are significant benefits. No agency fees are charged with SellMyCommercialProperty, and we can arrange valuations by our professional team within 48 hours. There is no long process of negotiation between seller, the estate agent, and the prospective buyer. And you do not have to undertake viewings, which can be both inconvenient and disruptive.

Finally, you won't suffer the inevitable knock down in your property's value that putting it up for open sale on the commercial market entails. With SellMyCommercialProperty you get a fair market price from experienced valuers. So if you're ready to bypass the commercial estate agents, and deal direct, investigate the benefits for yourself at SellMyCommercialProperty.

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