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Commercial Investment Property-Is It Time To Take Sector Profits?

Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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The investment market in the commercial property sector has certainly been an interesting one over the last few years. After the unsustainable property bubble was punctured three years ago, by the dramatic loss of credit supply in 2007-8, there has been a significant correction downwards, with prices a better reflection of fundamentals. In contrast, over the last year, the commercial investment property indices for certain sectors in certain areas have shown a climbing trend, as investment funds have started flowing back into commercial estate.

But what does the market have in store over the next 12 months? And how will that affect investors with commercial investment property on their books, who are minded to push for a sale? The latest report from the IPF Forecast is not promising:

"The dip in capital values next year is now predicted to be worse than previously expected. The quarterly survey shows that all sectors, except West End offices, have seen downward revisions to capital value growth forecasts. Standard shops are expected to perform the worst, with forecast capital value falls of 2.4%" (IPF UK Consensus Forecast Survey).

This may indicate that now is the point to exit the market, for those in commercial investment property. But there are other factors that may be driving investors to consider selling at this point in the cycle. Some property owners are looking, primarily, to raise equity from their commercial investment properties, in order to provide funds for other activities.

Others may be seeking to refinance loans on their commercial investment property, that are due to expire- and a sale now would enable them to lock in any capital value appreciation from the most recent upswing in the market. Sadly, there are also many investors whose hand is being forced. With the banks still being aggressive in their credit risk policies, many of those in the commercial investment property sector are being made to sell properties, by banks inflexibly enforcing clauses against overdue payments and/or breaches of covenants.

So where can investors in the commercial investment property segment turn, if they want to, or have to, to find a buyer for some, or their entire property investment portfolio.

One committed new entrant to the market is SellMyCommercialProperty. We are a start up who has already had a substantial amount of funds allocated, by investors who would like exposure to the UK's commercial property sector. As a result we are able to position ourselves as a buyer of first resort - we can access our monies quickly to speed sales along, are able to pay a good market price, and we don't charge fees.

SellMyCommercialProperty has managed to put together an experienced and dedicated team of professionals from across the relevant fields - property, finance, surveying, accountancy and law. This means we can conclude the process of assessment, valuation and agreeing actual sales for the commercial properties, with the utmost speed. And you, the investor, realise the funds from your commercial investment property as soon as possible. Simply fill out your contact details at SellMyCommercialProperty, and we will get back, and show you we can help to release funds for your next investment.

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