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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

Find out what's really going on in the Commercial Property Space with Jason Werth, our MD and Commercial Property expert.

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A commercial mortgage is a starting point for most businesses, as well as investors, looking to own commercial property - it is a rare thing to be able to purchase outright a business premises, or a commercial property investment.

Commercial mortgages offer security of ownership of a property, as well as the opportunity to participate in any revenue the premises may generate. This could be the regular rental income from tenanted businesses, or capital value appreciation, if you catch the commercial property cycle at the right entry and exit points.

Additionally a commercial mortgage can be a useful means of raising finance- if your initial commercial mortgage on a property was based on a valuation that was lower than its current value, a commercial refinance could allow you to unlock that equity held in the property.

The purveyors of commercial mortgages in the UK can be split into first tier providers, such as the banks and commercial credit houses, and the second tier, of commercial brokers. It is this latter segment that has tended to dominate the provision of a commercial mortgage in the last decade.

This is because going through a commercial broker enables a prospective owner, or investor, to take advantage of the broker's breadth of knowledge of the market place- they are often able to locate the best deal most relevant to your requirements. They may be paid an arrangement fee for their services in finding that commercial mortgage, but they can save you a significant amount of time, and, potentially, money.

However, no-one can fail to have noticed that getting a commercial mortgage direct from a bank has become increasingly difficult to do over the last few years. This is a direct consequence of the credit crisis, and its aftermath- banks have withdrawn many commercial mortgage products from the market, or are asking for onerous deposits or high interest payments for those left. Credit criteria have tightened, and many businesses are now struggling to meet important refinancing goals. Going through a commercial broker is no better - they also have a much reduced pile to sift through, and can only pass on the stricter lending criteria to their clients.

So what are you to do, if your existing lender is calling for the commercial loan to be repaid, or you need urgent access to the equity in your business premises? One option, increasingly being taken up, is to sell your property and rent back to SellMyCommercialProperty. This involves a sale of your premises, and rapid release of funds to you, is followed by a secure long term lease back to yourselves, if you want to continue trading from your property.

SellMyCommercialProperty specialises in the commercial property sector, and we have funds available now for putting into commercial property across the UK. Because our substantial pool of finance is our own, we do not have problems raising credit for purchases- so we can move fast. Our valuation and legal team with decades of collective expertise can provide an initial assessment within 48 hours, if needed. So if your search for a commercial mortgage is failing, contact SellMyCommercialProperty for a dependable refinance partner.

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