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Commercial Properties Sector Woes - Is It Time To Get Out?

Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

Find out what's really going on in the Commercial Property Space with Jason Werth, our MD and Commercial Property expert.

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Commercial properties cover a wide range of business premises from which many different activities are undertaken. Usually the commercial properties market is split up into three sectors, within which prices tend to be driven by similar factors. These sectors group commercial properties based on the activities undertaken there.

So the retail sector covers everything related to selling of goods- from High Street shops to out of town supermarkets and retail parks. The office sector covers small local offices, larger self contained office buildings and business parks, whether used by commercial or governmental organisations, for administrative purposes. Lastly the industrial sector consists of those commercial premises being put to use in manufacturing, processing, engineering, storage and distribution.

Despite subtle differences between these sectors, they have all shared the same price story over the last 3 years - one of major swings in prices bought on by global events that are still reverberating today. In the middle of this decade, commercial properties hit record price levels, stimulated in part by cheap, readily available credit. The sudden closure of the credit markets in 2007-8 pulled the rug out from under commercial properties prices- the crash that followed knocked at least 30% off of all 3 sectors. Over the last year, things have slowly recovered, but the market remains in a tough place - and the future is uncertain.

So if you are the owner of several commercial properties, and are undertaking a commercial property appraisal, what should you be doing in the light of current market conditions? Many analysts in the commercial properties sector are calling the top of the market now, with the potential for renewed recession, tightening credit supply and government cut backs all hitting the market. Maybe now is the time to consider a divestment of some or all of those properties. But who is out there buying commercial properties right now?

You could rely on commercial estate agents to sell your commercial properties for you- they can have good channels for bringing your property to the attention of potential buyers. But whatever their channels, they will be struggling right now to find those buyers - the expense and paucity of credit, and market uncertainty, has thinned the ranks of property investors considerably.

So even if you were tempted to avoid the fees and hassle of going through your commercial estate agents, and were to go it alone, you may find a sale equally fraught. Those potential buyers you do find on the commercial listings may not be ready, right now, to commit to actual purchases- they either don't have the credit, or are waiting for prices to drop.

There is one buyer, however, that is interested in your commercial properties - right now, wherever they are located, whatever the type and whatever the condition. SellMyCommercialProperty are a property investment company with access to deep, and liquid, lines of finance. We are seeking to put those monies into commercial properties, and to do so quickly. As a result, we are prepared to undertake initial valuations within 48 hours, and to agree sales speedily. We will pay you a fair market price, without agency fees, and without the agency hassle. Pass your contact details onto us at SellMyCommercialProperty and we can get back to show you how you can be in control of selling your commercial properties.

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