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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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A commercial property broker is a term that can mean two different things in the context in which it is being employed. Although there are some commercial property companies who combine these two roles, generally they are separate entities. Commercial property broker could be used to refer to brokers in commercial mortgages, for when you are considering the refinance options for your commercial property. Equally, 'commercial property broker' can often be used to refer to commercial estate agents, or commercial property agents, that is to say those who are bought in to help with the sale of commercial properties.

Whether either of these activities is currently on your horizon, and for whichever purpose you may be considering employing a commercial property broker, current conditions are causing many to consider whether a broker is really called for in either role.

When you are considering the financing, or refinancing, of your property loan, a commercial property broker is often called in - they can offer their clients a tailored financial package for products such as commercial mortgages, leasing and asset based finance. However, the credit market is still reeling from the tight credit supply in force since the credit crisis in 2007-8. In these circumstances, brokers are increasingly struggling to find the deal you want.

The NACFB (National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) acknowledged this itself in its 2009 Survey - total funding supplied by it's members fell by 60% in 2008/2009. This was a direct consequence of bank's pulling lending back, and its increasing expense. Whilst these tight credit conditions persist, commercial property brokers will continue find it difficult help with your finance needs.

SellMyCommercialProperty can help here - we are commercial property experts, with substantial investment funds available. Our team is able to sort out so called 'sale and rent back' deals- these involve a purchase of your commercial premises, for a fair price, which SellMyCommercialProperty will then lease back to you, on a long term basis. This can raise finance much more quickly, and cheaply, than going through a commercial property broker.

If, instead you are looking to a commercial property broker to help sell your property, you may unfortunately find market conditions again conspiring against you. Poor credit supply has also reduce the number of investors able to enter the market for property purchases, who are further deterred by a sentiment that price falls are imminent.

The Investment Property Forum Survey from the Independent Financial Advisers (IFA's) has stated that IFAs are recommending that private investors reduce their exposure to commercial business property. Such advice is being heeded by individual property investors, and pension funds who invest in commercial property.

In this situation a commercial property broker may once again struggle, this time to find serious buyers for your sale. Combine this with long standing grievances on fees, timings and questionable interests, it is no wonder that sellers are casting about for alternatives.

Once again SellMyCommercialProperty can help - because of our ready access to funds, we can buy direct from you, quickly, and with no fees. So if you're ready to pull the plug on the commercial property broker, and deal direct, call SellMyCommercialProperty today.

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