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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you have commercial property for sale, the chances are that you are considering the best channel through which to place your sale. The most obvious solution is probably the commercial estate agent- they have dealt with the majority of commercial property transactions in the UK for many years. But commercial property for sale is facing a tough market at the moment, and it would be sensible to take a long hard look at the commercial estate agent to see whether they really are best suited to conditions as they stand today.

Commercial estate agents can be seen to offer their clients a mediation service, because they act as go betweens for those who have a commercial property for sale and those who want to purchase commercial property. But first the commercial estate agents needs to establish an interest in the buyer's camp, by promoting the commercial property for sale on the market, using such resources as sales literature, the internet, and pages in local newspapers.

Commercial estate agents should also assess the interested parties, and pass onto the client only serious candidates. If there is a commitment to buy the commercial property for sale from a potential buyer, then the agent should arrange viewings and handle the price negotiations. For these services commercial estate agents will command a fee- typically 1-2% of the value of the commercial property for sale.

But in the current climate, commercial estate agents may struggle to meet the first part of their obligation - finding you a buyer. Investors are sensitive to current credit conditions, as many require credit facilities of some sort to complete their purchases. With the credit markets remaining tight, and predicted to get tighter, many investors are being forced to hold back. In addition the outlook for both capital values of commercial property, and future income streams from tenants, is far from rosy.

Put these 2 factors together, and it becomes more understandable why estate agents are pre-selecting the commercial property for sale that they are taking on - they only want the best located properties, with quality tenants, as it is these that the few buyers around are looking for.

It is also worth remembering that commercial estate agents are middle men, and their interest is purely in a sale that generates them a fee. They may even act in their own best interest, which may be against your own, in the hope of closing a sale - even if that means a lower price for your commercial property for sale.

In addition, commercial estate agents can be prone to missing good opportunities, where their resources have been diverted to client's sales that seem more promising. Finally there is a recognised problem with putting a commercial property for sale, UK or otherwise, on the open market. Because buyers know that you need a sale, the price you receive will include a depreciation to reflect that known weakness.

So it may be that your commercial property for sale deserves a more assured route in the current market, one that avoids the fees and hassles of middle men. What you really need is direct contact with serious buyer, who is not beholden to credit markets, or earning a fee. This is where SellMyCommercialProperty comes in - we have cash resources available to buy all types of commercial in the UK fast. Our professional team are here to look at buying your commercial property, whether it be a shop, office or industrial unit, and are able to make you an offer within 48 hours.

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