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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Are you considering a commercial property valuation for business premises that you own? Possibly you are concerned about the future state of the commercial property market, and are wondering whether you may be in a position to sell your property. Or maybe you are looking at what terms and payments are likely for a forthcoming commercial property finance deal. In either case you will be better placed to make a decision if you have a professional commercial property valuation undertaken on your premises.

It would first be helpful to look at the factors that influence a commercial property valuation. The most tangible factors are those relating to the property itself - the size, type and location of the premises. But there are other aspects that are important to the commercial property value - the quality of the tenants, the rental income derived from them, and fixed costs associated with administering the property.

In addition, any commercial property valuation must look forward to the credit worthiness of existing tenants, to predict the likely future tenancy vacancy (or void) periods, and the projected level of rents, given the local, and general economic situation. These will all help to map out the future net cash flows for any owner of the premises, which are a major factor in the value put on your property.

So it can be seen that the task of the valuer is fairly complex. One typical route for getting a commercial property valuation is to go through a commercial agent. They should be well versed in all the relevant aspects that determine your property's value. But going through an agency can have draw backs. The obvious one is the fee cost of any sale taken through the agency- this can be 1-2% of the commercial property valuation.

Another is the fact that any commercial property valuation, based on an intended sale through the open market, which is the case when going through a commercial agent, will involve a mark down in the price. This is because, where sellers know that a property has been put up for sale, they understand that you need a sale to happen - so there is a buyer's advantage, that an estate agent will reflect this in their valuation.

But agents are not the only route - there is another option for getting a fair commercial property valuation - SellMyCommercialProperty will readily undertake valuations for you.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company, with access to deep lines of finance, who are looking to put those monies into the commercial property market. So we are keen to assess, and value property across the UK, irrespective of size, location and premises type. We have an experienced and dedicated team of experts, in the valuing, surveying and legal fields, and can undertake initial assessments within 48 hours, if needed.

SellMyCommercialProperty will give you a fair market price, won't charge agency fees, and if the price is right, we can arrange a direct buy fast. There is no involved process of negotiation between you, the estate agent, and the prospective buyer. So if you want commercial property valuations undertaken fast, conveniently and discreetly, contact SellMyCommercialProperty today.

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