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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Trying to get a commercial sale closed can often be a frustrating experience. This can be the case whether you are going through a commercial estate agent, an auction house or even attempting to sell your commercial property yourself to private buyers. And when you're dealing with an asset, such as a commercial property, with its high value, it is essential you get your commercial sale approach right.

Commercial estate agents have a long established role in the handling of commercial sales, and as such are often looked to first, when trying to place your commercial sale. Commercial estate agents should have a great deal of experience of local market connections, may have a high local profile for buyers in the immediate area, and much experience of commercial valuations. However, they do suffer from a number of drawbacks, which can be a show stopper in today's market conditions.

Firstly there is the issue of whether an agent would actually take your commercial sale onto their books in the first place. Because of the paucity of buyers at the moment, and the poor longer term outlook for the commercial property sector, many commercial estate agents are restricting new sales to those on prime locations or with desirable properties. They are unwilling to fund the promotion of properties they don't think will be saleable.

Secondly, commercial estate agents cannot always be relied on to act in your best interest- their primary concern is their fee. It is not unknown for agents to mark down the price of your commercial sale, in order to make a quick sale, and so hasten their commission. This is especially so now it appears the market is heading for a fall. And their fee can be substantial, at 1-2% of the value of the sale + VAT (which in some cases cannot be reclaimed).

Trying to arrange a commercial sale yourself is certainly the cheaper option, but it does require much more work on your part. You can get your commercial property put up on an independent commercial listing, if you know where to go and what to do, but there is no guarantee that the exposure on the listing will get amongst buyers. You will also have to screen interested parties yourself, and arrange/ undertake viewings of your premises, to advance your commercial sale. And the whole process can be equally as slow, with private buyers just as depleted for you, as for a commercial estate agent.

A more desperate alternative for selling your property could be to put it onto an auction- but although this is potentially a fast way of completing your commercial sale, the price could be much lower than the market value, and there is still no guarantee of getting your property sold.

There is, however, another option that is head and shoulders above the rest - a direct sell to SellMyCommercialProperty. We are a strong force in the UK commercial property sector, who have substantial finance already allocated- we do not need to rely on banks, or credit conditions to secure finance. We are looking to buy property across the UK, and can move quickly to close your commercial sale, at a fair price and without charging fees. If we sound like the type of purchaser you need, then contact us at SellMyCommercialProperty for more information.

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