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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

Find out what's really going on in the Commercial Property Space with Jason Werth, our MD and Commercial Property expert.

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Commercial sales have not been moving quickly for a long period now, as the commercial property market has stumbled and slipped all over the page during the last three years of turmoil. The difficulties of getting sales resolved during these turbulent markets have led many commercial property owners to seek out alternatives to the commercial estate agency approach.

Because of their long established role in the commercial sales sector, commercial estate agents have remained the main partner for those selling their commercial property. But the litany of problems associated with taking your commercial sales through such a channel is long indeed. And these have only been exacerbated by the poor commercial property market prospects seen today.

Because credit is still thin on the ground, and the market is sensing another down-shift in valuations, buyers remain short in the market. This has led many agents to become rather selective about taking commercial sales onto their books, only taking on board those with desirable properties, or prime locations. Put bluntly, they do not want to pay for promoting properties requiring a lot of leg work, and which may end up being unsellable.

Then there is the perennial problem of commercial estate agents not acting in your best interest. When the market for commercial sales is tough, in order to speed up the sale, it is not unknown for agents to push down the sale price during negotiation, which has the fortunate side effect, for them, of bringing forward the commission payment to the agent.

Another factor affecting the price you get from your commercial sales, passed on to an agent, is that any sale on the open market has the drawback of causing an immediate mark down on the commercial valuation. Buyers know that the property owner needs a sale, and so they feel that they are able to push prices lower that the 'true' market valuation.

Finally, commercial sales run through an agent have tendency to be relatively drawn out, with the attendant inconvenience of having to undertake viewings- and ultimately you will end up paying from 1% to 2% of your property's value to the agent.

So what are your other options, for bringing your commercial sales forward? Auction sales really are for the desperate, and selling privately can involve a huge amount of work, with potentially limited success. But there is another viable alternative that makes perfect sense in today's market - sell directly to SellMyCommercialProperty.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company, who have access to deep lines of finance. We are looking to put those funds into commercial sales, and so are able to move quickly to buy from you. Our professional valuation team operates UK wide, and can fast track through to a sales agreement without fees, hassle and mark downs associated with commercial estate agents.

With SellMyCommercialProperty you do not have to undertake viewings, and your sale will be confidential - meaning we can pay you a price, in cash, that reflects the fair market value of your commercial sales. So whether you are looking to release equity from your property, undertake commercial property financing or just to get ahead of the market, call SellMyCommercialProperty today- let us show you how simple commercial sales can be.

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