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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Have you put your garage business for sale recently? Or are you considering whether you should be selling your business and premises? If so, you need to be prepared for a definite lack of knocks on the door from potential buyers. An unfortunate fact of the current market is that interest in taking on new ventures is low, due to the poor economic climate.

For anyone thinking of buying a garage business for sale, or even a service station sale, the fact that a 'double dip' recession may be around the corner is probably holding them back. Many small businesses are only too well aware of the pain caused by recession, as a result of the credit crunch. Another dip in economic growth can only be bad for customers spending - and with a VAT rise coming up in 2011, along with massive government cuts and worries about banks slowing lending again, the future does not look bright.

For potential buyers, that threat of hard times ahead is weighing down hard on their decision to risk a new business venture. They are also finding it hard to get the cash needed from the banks, to pay for a garage business for sale. Commercial loans are expensive, difficult to arrange and are only likely to get more so, if the economy heads downhill again.

With all that in mind, it's not surprising that you will be having some trouble selling your garage business for sale. So who would be best placed to make that selling job easier?

If it is just your business you are looking to sell, then a business transfer agent may be your first port of call. Or if you are also looking to sell you premises, you could turn to your local commercial estate agent. These agents will likely have been in the market for some time, and so experienced with what's going on in your local area.

But you would do well to consider the cons, especially in these tough market conditions. And there are quite a few- first of all agents will take a big slice out of the money received for your garage business for sale as their fee. For the agents, it is the fee that matters most to them, so they can often act in ways that are not in your best interest. For instance, it is not unknown for agents to mark down the price to speedily close a sale- and so bank the fee earned from your garage business for sale.

Not only that, but agents are struggling with the same difficult market as you- and could find it impossible to find you a serious buyer. With the number of personal insolvencies rising, people are reluctant to spend money on their possessions, even when it is essential they do so, so businesses suffer which makes them less attractive to buyers. Agents may even decide not to put you on their books, if they don't rate your garage business for sale highly enough.

You'll be pleased to hear there is another option. SellMyCommercialProperty can buy directly from you - forget the fees and the hassle of agents. And we are looking for businesses to buy across the UK, including your garage business for sale.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company with substantial cash available for purchases- so we can move quickly, and can make an initial valuation within 48 hours. Moreover, we can pay in cash, and at a fair market price. Call SellMyCommercialProperty today and let us turn your garage business for sale into cash, quicker than you think.

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