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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you have put your holiday complex for sale, it's important to get a feel for where the market is, and what your prospects for a quick sale are. Unfortunately they are not good - the hangover from the recession means interest in taking on new businesses is low, and the prospects for improvement appear slight.

The main thing weighing down on prospective buyers of commercial property, including your holiday complex for sale, is the potential for a new phase of economic slow-down - the long feared 'double dip' recession. The reasons that this may be more than an unfounded worry are many - VAT will rise to 20% in 2011, there are swingeing government cuts upcoming, on top of which, the banks are having their capacity to lend cut by new regulations - additionally, individual insolvencies in England & Wales are up from the start of the year.

All of these will hit consumer spending, and one of the things top of the list to cut is, unfortunately, holiday spending. So the potential buyers of holiday complexes for sale are bound to be thinking hard about the risks of taking such a property on. To make matters worse, affordable credit is difficult to obtain, a situation likely to worsen if the economy does double dip. This lack of credit makes it hard for buyers to fund property purchases.

So getting a buyer for your holiday complex for sale may be harder than you imagined. You will need all the help you can get to sell in today's market - so who exactly can facilitate, rather than hinder, your sale?

Calling on the services of an agent is the traditional approach taken for commercial sales - either a business transfer agent, if you are looking to sell your business only, or your local commercial estate agent if you want to sell you premises as well. On the plus side, local agents will likely have good experience of the market in your local area, and can do much of the leg work of promoting your sale.

But there are cons as well, and these may be a deal breaker in the current difficult market. First off, agents will charge a hefty fee for their involvement in your holiday complex for sale. Because it is that fee that concerns the agents the most, they can behave in ways that are not in your interest. For instance they have been known to mark down to a business' price, so as to hasten the sale that will pay fees to the agent.

It is also the case that agents are having considerable difficulty in finding suitable buyers. They may even decide to exclude you from their books, if your holiday complex for sale doesn't look like a fast seller to them - why promote a property they consider unsalable?

There is another option, however - SellMyCommercialProperty. We are a private investment company looking for businesses to buy across the UK - that includes your holiday complex for sale. We can buy directly from you - without the hassle and fees associated with agents. Because we have substantial cash available for purchases, we can move fast, making an initial assessment within 48 hours, and getting a sale agreed within days. We can pay in cash, and will give you the best market price. So get in touch with SellMyCommercialProperty today and we'll make your 'holiday complex for sale' a holiday complex sold.

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