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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Is your newsagent's for sale, or are you perhaps looking to what the market is like before committing to a sale? If so, you will not be surprised to learn that the market is looking a little shaky right now. There is a lot of uncertainty out there as to where the bigger economy is heading, and, inevitably, that is filtering down to the small premises market.

For those potential buyers looking out for a newsagent for sale, it is probably the threat of a stalling economy that is at the heart of their worries about committing to a new venture. Most small businesses have suffered directly from the recent recession, from which we have only slowly been crawling out of. But round the corner there lurks another possible downturn- the much feared 'double dip' recession, which is at the forefront of our minds more so now due the increase in insolvencies for both individuals and businesses.

If the economy does tank again, it will take consumer spending with it, and so the lifeblood of your newsagents for sale. That makes buying such a property quite a risky prospect. So is a double dip really a likely threat to your newsagents for sale?

Well, let's look at the factors pushing the economy that way - there is significant VAT rise approaching in 2011, there is the hammer of job losses coming, because of massive government cuts. And there is even the possibility that banks will slow lending again, as they are forced to be more cautious, to avoid another crash. So the future really does not look bright.

Given that this is going to make your newsagents for sale quite tricky, do you really want to entrust it to an estate agent? Or even to a business transfer agent, if you are selling the business only? Because agents have plenty of drawbacks, even when the market is kind - and unfortunately a mean market is looking much more likely today.

First off, agents charge fees - which can be a big chunk of the value of your newsagents for sale. And don't forget that it is the fee that matters most to agents- which can lead them to act in ways that are against your interest. For example, it is has been known for agents to knock down the property price to close a sale. Then they get a quick hold of their fee, earned from your sale, but you get less than you are entitled to.

It's also worth bearing in mind that agents have a difficult market to find buyers from, and they may not be able to find you a serious buyer. They could even decide not to take up your newsagents for sale, if they think a sale an unlikely prospect.

There is also the concept of "double running" where an estate agent not only represents you the seller, but also represents the prospective buyer. The agent then takes fees from both parties and this causes a conflict of interest as the agent is not necessarily acting in your best interest.

You'll be pleased to hear there is another option. SellMyCommercialProperty can buy directly from you - forget the fees and the hassle of agents. And we are looking for businesses to buy across the UK, including your newsagents for sale.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company with plenty of cash available for purchases- so we can move quickly, and can make an initial assessment within 48 hours. Usefully, we can pay in cash, and at a fair market price. Call SellMyCommercialProperty today and let us turn your newsagents for sale into cash in your pocket, fast.

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