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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you have your nightclub for sale, or are planning to do so, you will want know where the market is at. Is there cash out there searching for a business or property like yours to invest in? Well, with all the doom and gloom in the business pages of the papers, it probably won't surprise you to know that things are not particularly hot in the nightclub stakes right now.

Those who might be considering buying a nightclub for sale, need to be sure it's a going concern - that the punters will be coming through the door today, tomorrow, and in a years' time. After all, the recession we've just been through hit many businesses pretty hard. But the outlook for avoiding another downturn is not promising.

And a tanking economy inevitably takes your custom down through the floor with it. So buyers are right to be wary, before throwing cash into a nightclub for sale- a night out can be the first thing customers cut back on when wallets are tight. So is a double dip recession going to hit the chances of your nightclub for sale?

There are plenty of things nudging the economy that direction - there is the VAT rise to 20% at the start of 2011, there is the loss of public sector jobs because of the big cuts to government spending, as announced in the budget. And then there is the prospect that banks will have to cut lending again, as tighter regulations force them to be more cautious. So the possibility of a double dip is real.

It seems pretty likely, then, that to sell night club is going to be tough - so can you trust an estate agent, or business transfer agent, to handle it? Agents do, unfortunately, have plenty of negatives, which can be endured when buyers are plentiful. But unfortunately a buyer poor market is looking much more likely today.

One thing that makes using an agency a hassle is that they charge you substantial fees, direct from the value of your nightclub for sale. Because it is the fee that is most important to them, agents can sometimes act against your interest. A good example is where the agents knock down the property price below the fair market level to quicken a sale. They then get hold of their fee more quickly, right out of your sale proceeds, whilst doing you a disservice.

Then, as discussed above, serious buyers are few and far between at the moment- so agents may have a lot of trouble marrying up your nightclub to a committed buyer. If they decide a sale is unlikely, they may even decide not to put your nightclub for sale on their books.

Finally there is "double running" where an estate agents acts for both the seller and buyer and takes two sets of fees. In this case, which is only too common today, the estate agent cannot possibly act in the best interest of the seller as on the one hand they want to get as much as possible for the seller and on the other hand they want to buy it as cheaply as possibly for the buyer.

There is, however, a much better sale option in this tough market. SellMyCommercialProperty are in a position to be able to buy directly from you - without the fees and the hassle of agents. We are looking for businesses to buy across the UK, including your nightclub for sale.

SellMyCommercialProperty has plenty of money available for purchases, so we can move fast, making an initial assessment within 48 hours if need be. And we can pay a fair market price in cash for your nightclub for sale. So call SellMyCommercialProperty now, and we can help you make your nightclub for sale a nice little earner, fast.

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