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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Are you putting up your off licence for sale? In many ways now is a very difficult time to sell small businesses. However, if you choose the right partner for your sale, it may be turn out to be the best time to make a sale. This is because there are signs that you won't get a better price for your off licence for sale as the market starts another slip.

There are plenty of reasons to be worried that the price of small businesses is about to move down again. At the beginning of next year there is the VAT rise to 20%. This is bound to hit many consumers' wallets, especially customers of off licences. Then there is the fact that there are a lot of people worried about their jobs at the moment, with the government cutting back on spending, and axing workers on an unprecedented scale.

If you throw into the mix the expectation that the banks may be forced to cut back on the little lending they have been doing, in order to meet new regulations, and you have a recipe for a new slowdown - the dreaded 'double dip'. This worry is hanging over all of the commercial property markets, but especially those in retail, like off licences for sale.

So, many buyers of an off licence for sale are being put off, by the risk of taking on a business that may lose customers, or having a property that may be about to go down in value. Although now maybe the best time to sell, getting a sale made is becoming harder than ever. So what is the best way out of this conundrum?

You could throw your off license sale to the business transfer agents or estate agents - after all they have been profiting from small business sales for years. But agents are expensive, time consuming, and, importantly in a market with few buyers, they may not be able to deliver the goods for your off licence for sale.

A common complaint of agents is that they are more interested in promoting themselves and not your sale. They seem only concerned about their fees, and can even push you to agree a sale at a much lower price than is fair just to close a sale quickly and earn themselves that fee.

Also, with few serious buyers around, many agents may decide not to put your off licence for sale onto their books. After all, promoting property in a falling market is hard work, and it's easier for them to stick to the businesses in prime locations.

Luckily there is tailor made solution to all these problems. SellMyCommercialProperty are able to buy directly from you - without the fees and the hassle of agents. We are looking for small businesses to buy across the UK, and that includes your off licence for sale.

SellMyCommercialProperty has substantial monies available for buying property or businesses, so we can move quickly. If you need speed, we can make an assessment within 48 hours. Plus we will pay a fair market price, in cash, for your off licence for sale. If you call SellMyCommercialProperty today, we can show you a new way to turn off licence into ready cash, before the market locks you in.

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