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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Are your business premises an office retail property? That is to say, do you have a ground floor retail business, with offices on the upper floor/s? This is a very common combination for many high street premises in particular, and can be quite tricky to manage, as the retail and office sectors of the property market move to subtly different rhythms.

You may find that your retail business, or tenant, is performing well- the retail sector has held itself up adequately after the initial shock of the recession in 2009. But on the office side of the office retail premises, the market, especially for small offices, has remained weak. If your first floor office premises become vacant, the lack of rental income may be dragging your office retail investment down with it. So it may be wise to look to selling the office part of the retail office space.

One difficulty you may face, however, in choosing to sell the office retail, is that the market is short of buyers at the moment. And that situation only seems likely to get worse. The demand for small office premises is driven to a large extent by the state of the economy, and that seems to be in poor shape at the moment.

At the beginning of 2011 there is the scheduled VAT rise, to 20% , which, coming on top of the impact of government spending cutbacks and further reductions in bank lending, has led many commentators to raise the spectre of the double dip recession. It is those worries that are keeping buyers out of the market for office retail property.

So although you could turn to your local commercial estate agents to try and sell the office side of your office retail, you may find this doesn't work for you- agents are actually becoming quite reluctant to put property onto their books if they don't think the prospects of a sale look good. And even those they do take on are going to take a considerable amount of time before a buyer is found.

Worse, there are reports of some estate agents having 'double running' schemes, where they take fees both from you, and from a favoured in-house client. This guarantees them a high level of fees, and you will get a sale- but at a substantial mark down from the fair market value.

If you are keen to avoid the expensive fees of using an agent, and don't want to wait around, maybe you should consider selling your office retail direct to SellMyCommercialProperty.

We are a new entrant in the UK commercial property market scene, and are looking to buy all sorts of businesses and property, including offices from office retail premises. SellMyCommercialProperty already have large sums of monies allocated for these purchases- so we can buy quickly, and at a good price for you.

Because we have a dedicated team of valuers able to operate nationwide, we are happy to offer initial assessments of your office retail property's value within 48 hours. If you call SellMyCommercialProperty today, we will readily resolve your office retail problem, and turn it into hard cash, fast.

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