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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Having your petrol station for sale means that you need to take a serious interest in where the market for small commercial premises is headed- and how quickly is property like yours going to be turning around. If you have had your petrol station for sale for a while, you'll know that things are depressingly slow right now.

People looking out to buy petrol stations are themselves eyeing the future economic prospects, not just your petrol station equipment. They need to ensure that the incoming cash flows are going to justify their investment in your business. And what they are seeing may not be favourable to them getting involved in petrol stations for sale.

That's because there are many indicators that are pointing to a slowdown in the economy - which means less spending on fuel and convenience goods. If these concerns are worrying your potential buyers, they may be affecting your chances of selling your petrol station for sale. So is there substance to worries of a tanking economy?

One thing looming on the horizon is the VAT rise to 20%, beginning in 2011, which is bound to hit spending directly. But more important is the worry that, when this is combined with other hits to the overall economy, such as public sector jobs cuts, rising inflation, reduced government spending and even cuts in lending from the banks, the possibility of a double dip recession in the UK is becoming real.

With prospects looking so gloomy, it means that you will have a hard time to sell petrol stations. You will need a strong partner to cut through the market and make the sale happen. The obvious partner for your petrol station for sale is your local commercial estate agent, or maybe a business transfer agent. Could they be the partner you need now, when the going is tough?

Agents, unfortunately, may not be the ones to get your sale get going. Firstly, agencies have one main concern- earning a fee. If they don't see a quick sale from your petrol station for sale, they may not even take the business onto their books. If they do so, they may resort to some pretty unsavoury practices to close the sale, and realise their fee.

One is to mark down the valuation of your petrol station for sale, or to push its price down when negotiations start with a buyer. Another is 'double running', where they take a fee from you, whilst also taking a fee from an in-house client, who will again get your property at a bargain price.

But these problems are symptoms of the real issue - a lack of serious buyers. What you need is a buyer able to pay you a decent price, with no hassle, no fees, who are taking a long term view. That buyer is SellMyCommercialProperty.

SellMyCommercialProperty can buy directly from you, as we have plenty of cash available for purchases. We are looking for small businesses to buy nation-wide, which includes your petrol station for sale.

We can also move fast, with our professional valuation team able to make an initial assessment within 48 hours, if required. We will pay a fair market price, in cash, for your petrol station for sale. If you call SellMyCommercialProperty today, we can kick start a process that will give you cash in hand faster than you thought possible.

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