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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you have a pub for sale, the chances are you're going to want to get the whole process over quickly, provided the price is right. The sooner you can realise cash from your sale the better, so it's important to make sure you're dealing with the right people.

Commercial estate agents are one way to get a sale sorted- after all, they have the resources to promote your pub for sale, bring buyers in for viewings and getting the nitty-gritty sorted out. Or if you're just selling your business, maybe you'll be looking at a business transfer agent to get the job done. Because you're paying them a fee, surely they'll be acting in your best interested?

Unfortunately, agents acting in their client's best interest are something of a rarity these days. The commercial property market has been through some tough times, and the outlook is starting to look bleak again. This has made buyers thin on the ground, and agents have become somewhat 'creative' in their approaches to their customers.

Agencies are mainly concerned with earning a fee- if they think your pub for sale looks like a dead weight they may not take it onto their books. But if they do, be prepared for some pretty unsavoury practices from your agent.

They may knock down the valuation of your pub for sale, or negotiate the price down when a buyer gets involved. Your pub may be sold, but at a loss to you. Another practice becoming more common is 'double running'. This is where an agent takes both a fee from you, and from a favoured in-house client- they get twice the fee, and you get a significantly lower price for your pub for sale.

The reason why the agents are struggling here is that buyers, for all sorts of small commercial properties, are leaving the market. This is because many are worried about whether the business they take on can be continued as a going concern, when the news about the economy is so worrying.

Government cutbacks are likely to hit jobs and wages for millions of people. Then there are oncoming VAT rises, problems with the banks holding tight to the reins when it comes to lending and the possibility of high inflation - all of these are likely to push the recovery back. They may take us back into another recession- the so called 'double dip'.

So, with a lack of serious buyers for a pub for sale, and agents only creating more problems, what can you do to turn your 'pub for sale' into a 'pub sold'? You need a buyer able to buy now, for a good price, with no hassle, no fees. That buyer is SellMyCommercialProperty.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company looking to put our funds into the UK small business market, including your pub for sale. We will buy directly from you, as we have plenty of money available for purchases, whether you need to sell your pub business, property or both.

We are able to act quickly, with our professional valuation team ready to make an initial assessment within 48 hours, if you would like. We pay a fair market price, in cash, and don't charge you a fee. So if you want to move your pub for sale forward, fast, call SellMyCommercialProperty today.

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