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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Are you a property owner, seeking to put your retail business for sale? This is not surprising, with the increasing problems of running a retail business - from the burdens of loan repayments, to worries about the impact of VAT rises, it may seem attractive to pass the business on. At least holding onto the premises gives you the opportunity of a continuing income stream after you have sold your retail business for sale.

But however good on paper such a plan looks, the market may not be allowing you to put it into practice. Your business transfer agent, or commercial estate agent, may be optimistic about finding buyers for your business, after your retail business valuation, but you may find, in fact, that interest from serious parties is severely lacking.

The reasons for this dearth of retail business buyers can be traced back to the issue that has hung over the economy for the last three years- availability of credit. The origins of the recent recession lie in the drying up of credit facilities, as banks found their property investments to be toxic and impossible to isolate. Since late 2007, great swathes of the credit market have been effectively put off limits by high rates or stringent lending criteria. This has put a brake on lending to individuals who may otherwise be interested in buying your retail business for sale.

There has been an easing of the tight lending market over the last year, as a limited recovery took hold, but there are real concerns that this is reversing again. The Bank of England, said in its most recent survey of credit conditions "price terms on new lending to small businesses were reported to have tightened somewhat, consistent with unchanged availability and higher-than-expected demand..." In other words, lending will remain expensive, and difficult to get hold of.

If buyers for your retail business for sale are finding it hard to get the funds they need, you may see your business sitting on your agent's books for a long time, waiting for a buyer. Is there an alternative that can raise you money that you are due, from your investment in retail business for sale?

Well, one obvious way out is to sell your property as well as your retail business for sale. This does, however, hit the same issue - buyers of property are also suffering from a lack of access to credit. However, there is a solution to these difficulties - sell your retail business for sale and property direct to a company with funds already secured - SellMyCommercialProperty.

SellMyCommercialProperty are a new property investment company, with access to considerable lines of finance. We are looking to make investment in the retail businesses and property markets, and can hand over the monies to you fast, and at a fair market price.

Our experienced professionals operate country wide, and will make an initial retail valuation within 48 hours if needed. We can get money to you much more quickly than going through an agent- and without the hassle and fees they bring. So give us a call today, and SellMyCommercialProperty can put you on the right track for realising your investment in your retail business for sale.

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