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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you are looking to sell your shop, retail property agents may be who you turn to in the first instance. But before you commit to signing up a retail property agent, it would be useful to look more closely at retail property agents, and what the alternatives are.

Retail property agents are there to serve the retail sector of the commercial property market. Most commercial estate agency chains will have a subdivision catering for the buying and selling of retail property. The build up of national chains pre-dated the rise of the internet as a medium for selling. But they have been able to leverage the internet to build on their attractiveness to buyers and sellers of retail property across the UK.

There has also been a development for property agents focussed specifically on the retail sector- retail property consultants. This specialisation is to cater for the considerable involvement of investors in the commercial property market generally. It is estimated now that over half of the total stock of retail property is held by institutional and private investors - but they are generally interested in larger retail units and parks.

By turning to a retail property agent, you will have a better chance of becoming visible to those interested just in retail property. But it is worth bearing in mind that retail property agents are just middle men. They may have good local connections, and excellent knowledge of the retail market - they may even be competent in their role. But as intermediaries, their main preoccupation is in realising their fee- not in supporting a sale for you at a fair market price.

It is also the case that retail property agents are having problems finding buyers in today's UK retail property market - the lack of credit, and poor economic outlook have combined to make buyers very thin on the ground. This has led them to adopt approaches that do not do their customers any favours.

To start with, many retail property agents are now being very selective of the property they take on - if your shop is not in the best location, and of superb quality, retail property agents can decline to put it on their books. Additionally some retail property agents now have in-house buyers, who they will sell your shop to, for a fee, and a generous mark down in price. This practice of 'double running' leaves you with considerably less than the market value of your property - and retail property agents with two sets of fees.

There is another much more attractive option, however, in today's difficult market. Cut out the retail property agents, and let SellMyCommercialProperty buy your shop directly. We are an investment company with major finance available to purchase shops across the UK. This means we are able to move in quickly with our professional valuation team and fast track to a sales agreement.

We offer you a firm commitment to a fair price at the outset, with no agency fees charged to you. With SellMyCommercialProperty you don't have to wait for buyers to be found for your shop, and you won't see the price marked down by retail property agents trying to speed up a sale. So cut out the agents, get to the source and call SellMyCommercialProperty today.

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