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Retail Property for Sale-Why a Fast, Fair Valuation is Essential

Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you are considering putting your retail property for sale, you are bound to want to assess who is in the buyer's market right now, and how they are reacting to a market that continues to move in an unpredictable way.

In the UK, institutional investors, such as insurance companies and pension funds, continue to hold the biggest slice of investment in retail property for sale. But, prior to the credit crisis, pooled funds and limited partnerships were aggressively increasing their share of retail property for sale. Private investors, both domestic and foreign, have had quite small holdings in UK stock, but their involvement in transactions was also decidedly on the up. Owner occupiers, whilst holding half of all UK retail property, have been much less active, in comparison, in the market for retail property for sale.

In the first months after the property crash, these investors did pull back sharply from the retail property sector. After a period in the doldrums, there has been a limited return of funds and institutions into retail property this year, in anticipation of a turnaround in falling returns. But private and overseas investors, as well as limited partnerships have remained uncommitted, being more severely constrained by a lack of access to credit.

From a buyer's perspective, the performance of the retail property market has been shaky to say the least. Many buyers of retail property for sale have been strongly buffeted by the turbulence of the wider commercial property scene, over the last few years. Now some are asking whether we may now be at a turning point. A partial recovery did appear briefly to be on the cards earlier in the year - but can this be sustained?

Unfortunately not, as there are indicators that many buyers will be withdrawing again. Investors are being advised to reduce their exposure to commercial property by Independent Financial Advisers (see Investment Property Forum Survey of IFA's). This advice will cause those who invest directly in property, or indirectly via their property based pension funds, to stop buying retail property for sale. They may also start putting their own retail property for sale. This increase in retail property sales is certain to cause prices to start falling.

So now may well be a good time for you to get a valuation, ahead of assessing whether to put your retail property for sale. Who will you ask to value your retail property sale? You could get entangled with a commercial estate agent, but a far more attractive option may be to get SellMyCommercialProperty to do the valuation for you.

SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company with a dedicated team of professional valuers, able to operate across the UK, and within 48 hours. We won't charge you a fee, but if you like our price, we can offer to buy your retail property for sale fast. Our readily available funds are there for placement into retail property, so selling to us cuts out the middle men, and the associated fees and hassle.

So get in touch with us at SellMyCommercialProperty now, and let us show you the value locked up in your retail property for sale. And if the time is right for you, SellMyCommercialProperty can help unlock it for you too.

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