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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Are you thinking "Is it time to sell my building society?" The market in commercial property has been through a roller-coaster of a ride since 2007, with bust rapidly following on from boom. But the recent up-tick, in the price of office property, may have led many to think it may actually be a time to hang on, as a recovery eventually brings prices back to their pre-crash levels.

However, if you have been trying to sell your building society property over the last few months, you may have found that your experience doesn't meet up with those rosy expectations. Buyers are not piling through the doors to bid for your building society. So what is exactly happening in the office property market right now? Can anyone sell my building society?

Well, looking a bit more deeply into the recent figures for the office property 'recovery' will show why "sell my building society" falls on deaf ears right now. Property prices have risen almost exclusively in the office sector of the West End of London. Most of the buying activity seems to have come from overseas and institutional investors, who were competing for prestige offices in that small part of the capital. And the funding boosts seem to have petered out the last few months, as the money allocated to investment was rather limited.

Meanwhile the rest of the UK has seen flat or falling rents, with the prospect of excess capacity from an influx from offices vacated by government departments depressing markets. The public sector axe is being wielded, and its effect on the office property market will be felt for some time. Also, talk of a 'double dip' recession no longer appears idle, and it is further holding back investors from considering your call to sell my building society.

Property yields do appear headed for the doldrums, as Investment Property Databank research shows. IPD's derivatives client manager has said that property returns across all sectors in the UK were forecast to be negative for 2011. The IPF UK Consensus Forecast Survey also sees a dip in capital values next year - and it is predicted to be worse than previously expected. The survey shows that all sectors, except West End offices, have seen downward revisions to capital value growth forecasts.

Given that we may be at a local high in the commercial property cycle, it seems that you'd be right to sell my building society. But who can you trust to get the job done quickly, before the market slides too far? Commercial estate agents are a possibility - but a slow one. And in a market short of buyers, maybe you would be better off cutting to the chase, and finding a buyer direct. Here SellMyCommercialProperty can help you.

We are an investment company with access to considerable lines of finance, and so are in a position to help you sell my building society. We are looking to purchase commercial property across the UK, including building societies. SellMyCommercialProperty are able to speedily arrange for your premises to be valued, by our experienced valuation team. Then a sales agreement can be arranged fast, for a very fair market price. And we won't charge agency fees or commission. So make SellMyCommercialProperty your chosen partner when thinking who I should sell my building society to, and make the most of being ahead of the market.

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