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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

Find out what's really going on in the Commercial Property Space with Jason Werth, our MD and Commercial Property expert.

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A lot of people are currently asking the experts about the problem of 'how to sell my business property for a price that is not an insult'. This is a perfectly reasonable question. Sure we all appreciate that times have been hard in recent years, but people still want a fair price for something they have poured their soul into. If people are in the position where they need to make a quick sale it should not mean that they should miss what is due to them. Creating a business takes a lot of effort and many sacrifices so it is only fair that the final selling price reflects this. Luckily there may well be a solution for how to 'sell my business property for a price that is not insulting'.

There is no doubting that things have been bad with the economy in recent years and that this is taking its toll on those who are trying to sell commercial property. Times remain hard and people are not willing to take the same chances that they were a few weeks ago. It is all about perceptions and the current mood is that getting involved in any type of business now is a huge risk. We have all seen successful people lose it all in recent years and there is no way that we want this for ourselves. Not great news if you are trying to find ways to 'sell my business property'.

Of course we are beginning to get some good signs that the economy might be about to recover, but the future in no way looks guaranteed. We are likely to stay cautious for years to come even if the economy does make a full recovery. A lot of lessons were learnt from the last economic blowout and one of them was that you just don't know what is going to happen next. A bad day on the world markets could wipe out your local business in a flash - the whole economy is connected.

Estate agents have traditionally been the place to turn to if you were entertaining thoughts of 'how to sell my business property'. This could be a way to not only hand the whole hassle of finding a buyer to somebody else, but it often meant getting a reasonable price in a reasonable amount of time - not anymore though. If you now put your business property on the market using an estate agent you will be joining a huge list of properties that they are currently unable to sell - good luck with that. If you choose a private auction you might make a quick sale but you are almost certain to end up with a price that is an insult to your hard work.

Another solution is SellMyCommercialProperty. We want to purchase business property across the UK and we are willing to pay fair prices. SellMyCommercialProperty appreciates your desire to get a reward for your efforts and our evaluation will be fair. Once you are happy with the offer SellMyCommercialProperty will then pay you swiftly and with no fuss - we won't charge you any money for all of this because after all we are the buyer.

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