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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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With the future of the retail market looking decidedly shaky, you would definitely be in good company if you were to be asking "should I sell my department store". Government spending cuts are certain to hit income earners, and their spending levels, across the country. And the VAT tax rise seems perversely timed, to reinforce the negative sentiment of consumers in the prime sales period.

Your customers are likely to be faced with further belt tightening, if the long feared second dip of the recession does strike. With the income streams for retail looking so doubtful over the medium term, potential retail business buyers are also holding back. And that may knock for six any hopes you have of being able to sell your department store quickly.

The negative sentiment around the property market can be seen in very concrete terms right now, with a constant drip feed of articles like these:

"Active Retail Fund, which was established in 2004, and which owns 3 shopping centres in Worksop, Newmarket and Antrim, has been put into receivership by its lender, Lloyds Banking Group."

"More than £200m of retail park sales have stalled over the past month as increases in capital values continue to soften" (Estates Gazette, 19 June 2010).

With buyers being scared off of investing in the retail sector, by such stories, you may even find it difficult to get yourself onto the books of some commercial estate agents. But if you do, being able to sell my department store could still take a long while. The agents are facing significantly the same problem you would face, if you were to try and sell privately - a lack of buyers for those who want to sell my department store. The fact that banks seem likely to be made to further tighten lending criteria, because of oncoming changes to banking regulations, is not helping buyer's who already find credit hard to come by.

Instead of turning to agents, if you were desperate to sell your department store, maybe you could try the auction house. But, even after swallowing the bitter pill of a substantially lower price, and paying out a fee for the privilege, there isn't actually a guarantee that your plans to sell my department store would be realised on the day.

So where does that leave you? Well, maybe surprisingly, there is someone in today's market who could really help you out of this bind. SellMyCommercialProperty are a long term investment company looking to place their substantial funds into the commercial property sector, including department stores.

We are looking to buy businesses, like yours, country wide, and can buy directly and speedily. Our highly experienced valuation team can make an initial assessment, within 48 hours, of your particular 'sell my department store' request.

We can then place your sales agreement on a fast track, and you could then be paid a good sales price quicker than you thought possible. No agency fees, no hassle, and we can even pay in cash if needed. So if you're ready to act on your request to "sell my department store", call SellMyCommercialProperty today, and let us put you ahead of the market, and with cash ready for your next investment.

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