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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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The medium term future of the distribution property market is far from rosy today - so it's not surprising that you may be asking "is now the time to sell my distribution unit". The lacklustre prospects for the economy have gained ground since the Budget. Government spending cuts are certain to spill into the wider economy, because such a large portion is devoted to the public sector. The VAT tax rise, as well as Capital Gains Tax rises, seem likely to amplify the negative feeling of consumers, and quite possibly bring on the second part of the 'double dip' recession.

All of this has potentially dire consequences for the warehouse and distribution sector, whose spare capacity is needed only in a growing economy. Even now, the surplus capacity of warehouse units is starting to look a little flabby. Given that in a falling economy, the oversupply of available warehouses will worsen, there is scope for much lower rental and capital growth, which may go negative again. This can only act to pull the rug from prices being paid for distribution warehouses, and reduce buyers, for owners seeking to sell my distribution unit.

There is also an increase in property is coming to the market, due to banks becoming more active in enforcing the terms of loans, and forcing defaults on borrowers. Once again, this increase in supply will lead to lower prices, as demand remains weak. So the threat, of commercial property prices falling in the near future, remains real. It is probably the best time to act on your consideration of whether to sell my distribution unit.

But with buyers being wary, you may find getting a sale through your commercial estate agents harder than ever. The agents are also dealing with the same issue - a distinct lack of serious purchasers to match those who asking to sell my distribution unit. Your may find your sale dragging out even as the price you get for your warehouse units nose dives.

Rather than a drawn out agency sale, auction houses are always there, for those who are desperate for a quick sale. But speed comes at a price- not only in the fees you pay to the auction house, but in the bargain basement price if you do sell your distribution unit. Do you really want your investment slashed back so needlessly?

There is a new option for those looking to sell distribution units - SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company who are looking to place substantial funds into commercial property. And our need for a long term presence in the commercial sector extends to distribution units.

SellMyCommercialProperty will buy properties like yours directly. Our experienced team of professional valuers can make assessment the property fast, within 48 hours. We can then fast track the sales agreement for your 'sell my distribution unit enquiry'. You will be paid a good price for your property -and fast. All with no agency fees, and no agency hassle- we can even pay in cash if needed. So if you want us to be the buyers for your need to 'sell my distribution unit', call us at SellMyCommercialProperty today. We can find you a way out of being caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

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