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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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There are plenty of good reasons why you may be asking yourself "is now the time to sell my drive thru?" Possibly your business has been thriving, but ill health means you need to down shift, and cut out those long hours. It could be that, after all your investment, in money and time that you have put into your drive thru it is time to reap the rewards.

It's not unlikely, also, that you're worried about where the economy is going - as the wind blows for the economy, so it blows for your customers. So perhaps you think you should sell my drive thru before the rug is pulled for you. The worst case is that you have your bank bearing down heavily, something all too common these days. They see your property's falling value, and decide that it warrants a foreclosure on your debts. For many business owners, the only option, however painful, is to consider whether it's time to "sell my drive thru".

In which case, the next question is - who will I sell my drive thru to? You need to move fast, to get your money quickly, before the price of property starts crashing through the floor. Who can you trust to get the sale done right- possibly your local estate agent? It's hardly surprising that they come to mind first, really, as most experience of selling property in the past has gone through the estate agents hand. Estate agents can come in handy when buyers are two to a dozen, and you need help sorting the wheat from the chaff.

But in a stagnant or falling market, with buyers scarce, what exactly do estate agents do for the sizeable chunk of your money that they ask you to sign over to them? To be frank, there's not a lot they can do. So, unfortunately, estate agents are getting up to some pretty unsavoury practices to make sales happen. Those practices may help to you to sell my drive thru, but at what cost? One increasingly common seen activity is 'double running', where estate agents take fees from in-house clients. These favoured buyers are guaranteed first rights to your sale, but all too often with a significant mark down in value. The agents get double fees, the buyer a nice cheap bargain- but you lose big time.

So it's obvious why many people searching to sell my drive thru are looking for alternatives to get their property sold. The auction house is one- but that really is the last resort, because your drive thru will not achieve anything like its real value. And there is a better, faster and cleaner option for those wanting someone to sell my drive thru. Get SellMyCommercialProperty to buy it from you.

We buy businesses like your drive thru all the time. Because we have money to hand, and don't borrow from the bank, we can pay you fast. Our expert valuation team operates across the UK, and can even make an assessment within 48 hours. We pay a decent, and fair, market price for the property we buy. And we won't charge fees. So call SellMyCommercialProperty today and we can ensure your 'sell my drive thru' request becomes a fact- and replace your money woes and stress with cash in your hand, now.

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