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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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The industrial property market has had a volatile few years, along with the rest of the commercial property market. With a modest recovery under its belt, from this year, those who own industrial property will no doubt be wondering where the market cycle will be headed next. After all, the signs from the wider economy point to a possible recessionary dip. Now would be a good to time to assess whether you should be thinking should I sell my factory?

What do the market callers say? Optimists, such as the Commercial Property Analyst Q1 2010, from Capital Economics, sees industrial property posting a capital growth in 2010 of 9.2%, albeit with rental falls of 3.4%, In contrast the IPF UK Consensus Forecast Survey is more pessimistic, stating that:

"The dip in capital values next year is now predicted to be worse than previously expected. The quarterly survey shows that all sectors, except West End offices, have seen downward revisions to capital value growth forecasts" The market for industrial property is certainly at a turning point - but it is quite likely to turn from modest growth to renewed stagnation and recession. The anticipated export-led expansion has failed to materialise, despite the weakness of sterling. And there are plenty of dark clouds gathering on the economic horizon, not helping those wanting to 'sell my factory'.

The long-standing grip of meagre credit availability, sluggish consumer spending and impending government cutbacks show no signs of being released. The banks look likely to have tighter regulation imposed on them- this will restrict their capacity to lend. The consumer is about to be hit with VAT and CGT rises. And the government cutbacks are harsher than many had feared. All of this has conspired to put the 'double dip' firmly back on the menu. How does this affect you and your need to "sell my factory?"

If this does happen, it can only push rental income, and capital values back down. It does look like now is the time to check your property values, with a mind to 'sell my factory'. Commercial property agents could do a good job, at least in a seller's market, but there is another option for today's depleted buyer market. Get a direct buyer, SellMyCommercialProperty, to do a proper valuation for you, and then maybe proceed to a buy.

SellMyCommercialProperty are more than willing to value your factory with a sale in mind. We are an investment company, who are looking to buy all sorts of property in the UK- including factories like yours. We have a nationwide team of dedicated valuation professionals - and they can make an initial assessment of your potential to 'sell my factory' within 48 hours.

If you like the price that SellMyCommercialProperty gives you, to sell my factory, we can fast track to a sale quickly. We have access to considerable funds, and so can move fast to be a buyer to match your 'sell my factory' demand. So if market worries have made you a possible seller, call SellMyCommercialProperty today, and let us show you how you can move from factory doldrums to ready capital, fast -and leave the rest standing.

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