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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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There are many good reasons to be asking whether "is it now the time to sell my launderette?" You may be lucky enough to have had a business that has been doing quite nicely, but ill health has forced you to cut back on your workload. Alternatively, it could be that you've decided that now is payback time, after all the hard work you have put into your launderette - and you deserve to reap the rewards.

There again, maybe you're worried about where things are going, with your business, the economy, the country even! So perhaps you are thinking I want to sell my launderette before things go too far, and you don't have the option to sell. Or you may be having severe bank hassles - banks are getting tough with more of their customers these days, insisting that they pay their whole loan back, because of 'negative equity'? That sort of pressure leaves you with the only realistic option you have to get cash - "sell my launderette".

But are you thinking who will be there to help sell my launderette? Estate agents are only round the corner- why not try them? They know how to sell property, and they must know the local market pretty well, after trading all of these years. But just because they seem easy and familiar doesn't make them best for you and your hopes to sell my launderette.

Estate agents will take a big chunk of your money, if and when they get your launderette sold. That's if they even take you up on your request to 'sell my launderette'. Because right now, with the market slow, they are only focussing on the higher, in demand property. And they may decide your launderette isn't worth their time.

But you're probably better off without them. Because the property market is quite possibly going down, many buyers are not throwing their hat in the ring. That leaves estate agents with a problem. They need sales for their fees, so some try to push down prices to ridiculous levels, just to speed up a sale. Others may even be 'double running' - getting paid fees by bargain basement buyers, who get your launderette from the agent at a big mark down. No wonder many property owners who are looking to sell my launderette are becoming wary of estate agents.

You could put your launderette up for auction - but then you really are dealing with the bargain basement boys. You will only get a fraction of your launderette's true value, and you'll be charged for the privilege. But there's no need to get desperate- there is a company who specialise in helping here - SellMyCommercialProperty. We can answer your question of "can you sell my launderette?" with a firm "Yes!"

This is because we buy businesses, like launderettes, direct from sellers, like you, all over the UK. We have cash to hand, and, after valuation, we will pay you a decent price. So your thoroughly deserved money, locked up in your launderette, can be released quickly. Call SellMyCommercialProperty now, and let us help you sell my launderette, and replace stress with cash fast.

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