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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you own a leisure complex, and are looking to put it up for sale, you will probably be aware that the market for many commercial properties is a little sticky right now. After the storms of a couple of years ago, when the sound of crashing property prices resounded around the UK, things have certainly been quieter this year. But many have wondered if it is the calm before the storm. So it's worth asking the question "how difficult will it be to sell my leisure complex?"

Whilst the element of panic, that characterised the earlier crash, is unlikely to be repeated, there is a strong sense that we may be in for a period of side-lining property prices. The backdrop to that depressing picture is the fact that the wider economy, after its brief re-emergence into the sunlight of growth, may be about to slide back out of the light. The omens are there, in the forthcoming VAT tax rises, the negative impact of government spending cuts on economic activity and the continued imposition of a regime of tight credit, as the banks remain risk adverse.

So we may have avoided a depression, with the wall of money governments around the world, threw into stimulating their economies, but we may be about to hit another period of negative growth. The double dip may be around the corner.

For those looking to 'sell my leisure complex' the impacts in the leisure sector were spelled out by Capital Economics report of Q 2010 in The Commercial Property Analysts:

"...the prospects for leisure rental values over the next few years are relatively downbeat. Our forecast is that real household incomes and overall consumer spending will fall outright this year... Against that backdrop, spending on recreation and leisure activities is unlikely to remain unscathed. This suggests that the downturn in the leisure occupier market will continue for at least a further year or two."

That may, unfortunately, serve to limit your ability to quickly sell my leisure complex on the open market. Buyers are likely to remain cautious about investing in the leisure sector and so serious purchasers a rare commodity. If you were to go down the route of asking an agent to 'sell my leisure complex', you may find yourself considerably out of pocket. That's because agents are likely to push low prices on sellers in this market, just to close a sale, and so earn their fee.

Instead of looking to middle men to sell my leisure complex, why not save the fees, and sell direct? SellMyCommercialProperty are an investment company who have substantial lines of finance - and we are looking to buy into the commercial property sector. That does include leisure centres like yours- and we will buy UK wide. Our experienced valuation team can make an initial assessment within 48 hours of request to us to 'sell my leisure complex'.

We can then place your sales agreement on a fast track, and you could be paid a fair price faster than you thought possible. So if you're ready to act on your decision to sell my leisure complex, call SellMyCommercialProperty today, and we can get your leisure complex sale to return you cash fast.

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