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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If you own a pet shop, and are wondering "shall I sell my pet shop?" you do need to pay attention to what is happening with commercial property prices. And you'll also need to keep an eye on the bigger economic picture - because the time to sell depends very much on what both markets are doing.

Many experts in commercial property do see sales of shops, of all sorts, remaining slow, with a good chance that prices may start falling again. If they are right, the time you have to sell my pet shop, and still make a decent price out of it, may be quite short. The attitude of the banks isn't helping here - falling shop prices could knock you into negative equity, and they don't want to risk you defaulting on your loan. So many banks are putting pressure on shop owners', asking for a full repayment of loans, as the covenant of the loan allows them to do this.

So you may need to move fast to sell my pet shop. If so, should you turn to your local estate agency? After all, they have been in the local property market for years, and must have a good grasp of what is going on right now. But you must ask yourself - can they sell my pet shop quickly?

Unfortunately not - speed is not something estate agents are renowned for - valuations take time to arrange, viewings are time-consuming, and serious buyers, in today's market, hard to find. With many shop investors sitting on their hands, worried about a double dip recession, it's not difficult to see that estate agents may not be able to deliver a sale quickly enough for you. And don't forget that for the privilege of a leisurely sale, estate agents charge a considerable fee - 1% or 2% of your shop's value.

Another route, that would most likely be fast, is to sell my pet shop at an auction. And auction houses are definitely made for speed. But that's courtesy of the big knock down in price that auction buyers expect. That might be too much for you to swallow; after all of the work that has gone into building up its value. You are probably thinking - is there another way to sell my pet shop that will give me a fair market price?

Fortunately there is someone who can satisfy your need to sell my pet shop, fairly and quickly - SellMyCommercialProperty.

We are an investment company who can buy directly from you. SellMyCommercialProperty have substantial funds for investing, long term, in all sorts of commercial property, including pet shops. Our valuation team are second to none, when it comes to experience and speed, and can get back to you within 48 hours, to help you sell my pet shop quickly.

Once we have agreed a fair sale price, we will arrange for cash to be paid to you, fast. Unlike estate agents we don't charge fees. So if you call SellMyCommercialProperty now, we can turn your question of "who can sell my pet shop?" into an answer that will be to your liking.

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