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Sell My Petrol Station-A Quick Guide to Selling Filling Stations

Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Making a decision to "sell my petrol station" is quite a big deal- you have a lot of money tied up in your business, and it's important that you receive your fair dues when it is sold. So you need to look seriously at where the market for small commercial premises is going, and what sort of turn around to expect. But if you've already made that decision, and have had your garage for sale for a while, you'll know that things are not too great in the commercial property market right now.

People who you might sell my petrol station to are not only taking a serious look at the state of business, but also of the wider economic prospects, as well as the fuel retail sector. If they are to justify an investment in garages, they need to make sure that the incoming cash flows are going to meet their costs, and provide a decent return. Unfortunately, for owners wanting to sell my petrol station, the bigger picture is not a promising one.

That's because there are many straws in the wind that lead them to see another economic slowdown coming. That affects your or your tenant's bottom line of income - spending on fuel and convenience goods. For potential buyers, weakening sales means higher risks, for their investments - so will worries of a tanking economy slow or stop your ability to sell my petrol station?

Quite possibly. An obvious factor is that fuel is not exempt from the VAT rise, to 20%, beginning in 2011 - higher prices inevitably mean less spend. But when that worry is combined with some of the other brakes likely to be applied over the next twelve months, then there is a real the possibility of a double dip recession.

With such bleak prospects, it means that now may well be the best time to sell - you may not get a better price, when you sell my petrol station, for a long while. But unfortunately, sales become much harder when a market may be about to drop - the buyers just aren't there. So you need a good partner to make the sale happen. So you must ask - is the most obvious partner, your local commercial estate agent, up to it, when the going is tough?

Sadly not - their one overriding concern is earning their fees, so they need property that they think will sell fast. If that isn't the case with your property, it may not even make it onto the agent's books. Then there is the badly hidden secret that agents can put your interests last, in order to earn that fee.

Those perennial problems with agents only bring us back to the real issue, which is a shortage of good buyers. But, in an ideal world, your need to sell my petrol station only requires one firm buyer. And luckily there is such a buyer - SellMyCommercialProperty.

SellMyCommercialProperty will buy directly from you, because we already have cash allocated for buying property. We are looking for small businesses across the UK, including service stations. We can move fast, with our valuation team able to make an initial assessment within 48 hours, if required. Finally, SellMyCommercialProperty will pay a cash price at a fair market rate. If you call SellMyCommercialProperty today, we can kick start the process of bringing your need to sell my petrol station to a happy end.

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