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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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If there's one thing that remains a constant on the UK's high street, it is the local pharmacy - come rain or shine, property crashes or booms, there will always be a need for good health. But, sad to say, the number of independent pharmacies has been on a long term decline, due to competition from the bigger pharmacy chains and the in-store supermarket pharmacy. Given the tough trading conditions of the last few years, plenty of owners have asked themselves "is it time to sell my pharmacy?"

The answer to that question depends on the reasons you are looking to sell my pharmacy. Those who have had their hand forced, by ill health or imminent retirement, will have to sell up quite speedily. Those who are seeking to maximise the value of their investment in time, and energy, will probably be looking for high prices, if that seems possible. Which then leads them to ask whether market conditions are good to 'sell my pharmacy' right now- is there an imminent rise in prices that you may miss out on?

The answer is, probably not. Many commercial property experts are calling a local high in the market - and there is a good chance that prices may start falling again, across most regions of the UK. The reasons for further pessimism are not hard to see - a slow-down in growth, or even another recessionary phase, are quite likely outcomes. This is because of the coming together of several negative factors - savage cutbacks in government spending, increased VAT and Capital Gains Tax rates, and a continued reluctance of banks to lend. All of this at a time when low interest rates can't be guaranteed for much longer, because inflation is refusing to die back.

If the storm does come, buyers for your proposal to sell my pharmacy are likely to become scarcer than they are now. Whatever your situation you would do well to try and place a sale now, before things get tougher.

If you are going to move fast to sell my pharmacy, who is going to be able to act quickly on your behalf? Your local estate agency? That seems unlikely - speed is not a quality estate agents are known for. The whole sales process, from valuations to viewings to sales negotiations is measured in weeks/months, not days. This has been exacerbated by the shortage of serious buyers in today's market.

If you're desperate, an auction house could probably turn your request to sell my pharmacy around pretty quickly. Unfortunately, speed comes with a pretty big loss in value, and that maybe too much to swallow, after all of the work that you have put in. But why go the route of desperation to sell my pharmacy. There is a fair, fast and flexible buyer in the market right now - SellMyCommercialProperty.

We are an investment company who can buy your pharmacy directly from you. SellMyCommercialProperty have substantial funds for investing, in all sorts of commercial property, including pharmacies. Our experienced valuation team can get back to you within 48 hours, to help you sell my pharmacy quickly.

Once a fair sale price is agreed, we can pay cash out to you, fast. Unlike estate agents we don't charge fees. So if you call SellMyCommercialProperty now, we can turn around your question of "who can sell my pharmacy?" into "where shall I put my money now?"

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