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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Until fairly recently, the post office was a fixture on every high street. But, with the move to the internet of many government services, the rise of email, and harsher trading conditions, there has been a decline in post offices, even as politicians paid lip service to save them. With the exceptional difficulties of the economic crisis over recent few years, many owners have asked themselves "is it time to sell my post office?"

The timing of any commercial property hangs, at least in part, on what has pushed you, into looking to sell my post office, in the first place. If you have had to move because of ill health or imminent retirement, you will want to sell quite fast, irrespective of the wider market. For those who are looking to get the most back, financially, from all the time and money put in, timing is more important. Are market conditions ripe, right now, to 'sell my post office, or is there a price rise coming, that you may want to take advantage of?

Sadly, the market is saying "probably not". In fact, many experts in commercial property think the recent recovery, seen in some sectors of commercial property, is ebbing - and more falls in commercial property values, and incomes, are likely to be resuming over the next year.

Throughout the current economic crisis in the UK, the health of the retail sector has deteriorated, as seen in a wave of bankruptcies, administrations, liquidations and company voluntary arrangements. As a result, the number of vacant shops on Britain's streets has exploded- nearly doubling to 13% since 2005.

There are also factors that make the future look rather black too - major cuts to government spending, the planned increases in VAT, and a worry that low interest rates won't be here forever - inflation is a dragon that refuses to die, and may cause interest rates to rise again soon. If a double dip recession does arrive, you may find buyers, for your need to sell my post office, few and far between. So it's probably a good move to try and put your plan to 'sell my post office' into action sooner rather than later.

In order to sell my post office quickly, you're going to need a sure-footed partner. Could that be your local estate agency? Unfortunately, speed of execution, is not a motto most agents adhere to - unless that is, they can reach a sale at bargain basement price that allows them to get their fee - and leaves you nursing a big loss. With the lack of buyers, for those wanting to sell my post office, in today's market, shady dealings from agents is becoming more frequent. So who will give you a proper price, without losing the sale?

This is where SellMyCommercialProperty can help. We are an investment company who can buy your post office direct. We have considerable monies to invest in commercial property across the UK. Our valuation team can move fast, making an assessment within 48 hours. We can then offer you the fair sale price you deserve, and can pay it in cash, if needed. We don't charge fees, unlike estate agents. So call SellMyCommercialProperty today, and let us turn around your question of "who can sell my post office?" to "where shall I invest my money?"

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