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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Selling any business that has had as much energy, creativity and love poured into it as a restaurant, is never going to be easy. Doing so now is particularly hard, as the market in commercial property has slipped back - from being on the verge of recovery, to spinning back towards the doldrums. But if you have decided that now is the time for you to 'sell my restaurant', what do you do to ensure the sale brings back compensation that does justice, to all of your efforts?

Firstly, in order to sell my restaurant, you do need to get an idea of what is happening in the market for small scale leisure businesses, such as yours. Obviously, spending in restaurants by your customers is discretionary- it is often first on the list of unnecessary expenses, to cut back on when money is tight. This makes restaurants quite susceptible to the general direction of economic winds. So which way are things blowing now, and how will it affect your ability to sell my restaurant?

The last year has seen a gentle recovery begin to take root in the UK's economy, but, during more recent months, a number of things seemed to have knocked us from that benign course. The Euro crisis didn't help, bringing market attention to large scale credit failings that could affect both Europe and the UK's economy badly. Which naturally lead us onto the measures taken by the government to bring the budget back into balance, driven at least in part by the need to avoid the fate of Greece. First of all, spending is being cut severely - and many are worried the effect will spill across the wider economy. Secondly, taxes are rising as of next year, the big one being VAT rising to 20%. Rising prices can only depress consumer spending further.

While the broad outlook seems so negative, many buyers in the commercial property sector are worried about committing to new transactions- which is bound to affect your 'sell my restaurant' ideas. To get your restaurant sold will need a concerted effort by your estate agents. Unfortunately, estate agents are either too slow in bringing a sale about, or too keen to push your price down to a bargain basement level. Estate agents are often paid by in-house buyers to get first offer on 'sell my restaurant' offers like yours - and so make the most of a low price. Is that really worth paying your estate agent a fee for?

What would be best for your need to sell my restaurant would be a buyer committed to paying a fair market price, without fees. Is there such a buyer? Yes - SellMyCommercialProperty.

We are a new entrant, with access to considerable funds, which we want to place with UK business property. SellMyCommercialProperty buy all sorts of businesses direct, including restaurants. Our professional team of valuers is ready to make initial valuations within 48 hour. And we will certainly pay you a fair market price- and can pay in cash, without any fees. If you deal with SellMyCommercialProperty, you will be rewarded with all of the value that you have earned from the nurturing of your restaurant business. So call SellMyCommercialProperty when you are ready to 'sell my restaurant', and we'll make it a 'restaurant sold'.

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