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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Are you asking yourself "is it time to sell my sandwich bar?" If so there could be a whole host of reasons why you might be worrying about selling up right now; your business may be rolling along fine, but ill health is forcing you move away from the stress of running the bar; maybe you've decided that now, after all of the work you have put into your sandwich bar, that you deserve to sell on and reap the benefits.

Sadly, more commonly today, with the recent dire economic problems, you could be worried about where your business is going. You don't want to let the current difficulties mount up, and so see your business taken away from you at a loss- it may be better to sell my sandwich bar now, before debts mount up. Or maybe your bank is leaning on you heavily, asking for loans to be repaid? Banks are getting tougher with many borrowers, as they are worried about prices for property falling. When that happens, your property is less likely to be able to repay any outstanding loan, if a loan default were to happen. Unfortunately, the only realistic way for you to get cash now, to repay it, is to "sell my sandwich bar".

Who do you call on to help sell my sandwich bar? The obvious choice is the local estate agents, as you may presume that they are pretty well connected in the local market. And estate agents, however disliked, are at least familiar. But what you really want is someone who will do their best for you, and your need to sell my sandwich bar. Can estate agents deliver on that, for their high fees?

Maybe not - estate agents depend on pulling buyers in for your property to close a sale. With the property market showing signs of a renewed fall, buyers are not displaying a great deal of interest for many properties. So estate agents are struggling to make sales happen - and are resorting to unsavoury practices to guarantee their fees. One is known as 'double running' - where the estate agents get paid a fee by in-house buyers to sell your property to them at bargain basement rates. So it's not surprising that many small business owners, like you looking to 'sell my sandwich bar', are checking out their other options.

Placing your sandwich bar with an auction house is a possibility - but not really one likely to do your sandwich bar justice. You will only get a part of the true value of your sandwich bar's true worth, and still pay a fee for doing so! Before you sign up to such a desperate option, you should really consider the advantages of selling direct - to SellMyCommercialProperty.

We are a company looking to put our considerable pool of funds into businesses, including sandwich bars, all over the UK. SellMyCommercialProperty have an experienced and dedicated valuation team, who are able to move fast to give your sandwich bar a fair value. Once a price is agreed, we can supply your hard earned cash fast, with no hassles- and without charging a fee. So call SellMyCommercialProperty today, and let us help you sell my sandwich bar, and replace all your worrying with cash in your pocket.

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