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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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As the owner of a shopping centre, you may well be considering the best way to sell it on. The future of the retail property market is looking quite shabby, so you would certainly be in good company if you were thinking "shall I sell my shopping centre?" The negative outlook for retail is part of a wider concern about consumer spending. And those concerns are valid- there is the rise in VAT rates to 20% to factor in, rather awkwardly timed to hit during the New Year sales. In addition, the spending cuts announced by the government in the Budget are ultimately going to feed through to the purses of shoppers, via public sector job losses and wage freezes. Add to that worries about inflation, and it is no wonder analysts see falling income for your tenants over the next year or so.

With another bout of recession possibly on the cards, your shopping centre tenants are likely to failing in numbers again - and there's all likelihood of a pick-up in vacancies, and a fall in rental income. With that in mind, it is understandable why investors are going to be wary of ploughing their funds into your offer to 'sell my shopping centre'.

There does also seem to be a generational shift in the way retail is structured. The cleansing winds of the recent recession may have left a new landscape that those in the retail sector must learn to live with. The property that retailers vacated in the first collapse (such as Woolworths, Birthdays, Bay Trading, Barrett's, Adams, Faith, Dolcis, and JJB) may not be re-let as readily as many have assumed.

That is because retail is shifting away from the high street, and onto the internet- or to the ever expanding floor space of the supermarkets, who continue to move out of the grocery sector, and into electricals, clothes and household goods. The surplus of retail space on the high street, and the shopping centre, may become a permanent feature of the retail property sector, depressing rents, and prices, for many years to come. So moving fast to sell my shopping centre seems like a good policy.

However, retail property buyers remain thin on the ground - so looking to sell my shopping centre through commercial estate agents may not be the best way forward. They are having to cope with that same dearth of buyers, and are likely to want to mark your property down significantly to achieve a sale. Is there another route to getting your need to sell my shopping centre realised?

Indeed there is - why not sell direct to SellMyCommercialProperty.

SellMyCommercialProperty are a company looking to put their considerable funds into a range of commercial property in the UK, including shopping centres. Our experienced team of professional valuers can make an initial assessment of your 'sell my shopping centre' request, within 48 hours.

We can then push forward on a sales agreement, and be in a position to pay a good price quickly and with a minimum of hassle. And this can be done without the fees, or delays you get with agents. So if you're ready to move now and 'sell my shopping centre', call SellMyCommercialProperty today - in no time you will have put yourself ahead of the market, and be well placed for future investment opportunities.

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