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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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There are many reasons for owners of small businesses to want to be selling commercial property. You could be concerned about where the market is heading, and want to protect your money invested in the property. Perhaps you are getting pressure from a bank, as a result of overzealous enforcement of your loan terms. Or maybe it is a change in lifestyle you are planning for, due to an imminent retirement, or a down shift because of ill health.

Whatever the reason, if you're selling commercial property for the first time, it can seem a rather daunting prospect. That is especially so now, when those professionals selling commercial property are finding the market tough. You need to run through the steps carefully, so that you can better weigh up the options available to you.

The typical route to follow when selling commercial property is to enlist the services of a commercial estate agent. This could be a section of your local estate agency that handles selling commercial properties, or a specialist commercial agent.

You will need to take care to assess those agents involved in selling commercial properties - trust is a key factor here. In the current climate, where sellers are finding it difficult to place serious buyers for their business property, agents have been known to act in a somewhat underhanded fashion.

Get in touch with as many trustworthy agencies as you can, and ask for their full terms and conditions, particularly in relation to their fees. These can be as high as 2% of the value of your sale. And do ask about how they plan to promote your property, and ensure they cover all the channels.

You should also enquire as to whether the agents selling commercial property are paying fees to an in-house buyer, rather than looking on the open market. This practice, known as 'double running', has become more prevalent with today's tough conditions. It involves the agent receiving a fee from you as well as an in-house buyer, whilst selling your commercial property at a much lower value than it merits.

Once you have decided on which commercial estate agent to use, you will need to formally instruct them. They will then arrange for a visit to sign you up as a client, and to arrange the valuation. This can typically take 10-20 days to be completed. Your agent will then be able to start viewings for potential purchasers- this can be a very long winded and inconvenient process, especially as investors are wary of the market at the moment. It wouldn't be surprising if your agent selling commercial property still has you on their books several months later.

So you may be asking "Can anyone else sell my commercial property, faster, and cheaper?" And the answer is yes- SellMyCommercialProperty can!

We are an investment company who are keen to buy from all of those selling commercial property. Our monies are readily available, so we can move fast from assessment to a purchase, direct from you. At SellMyCommercialProperty, we pay you a fair price, and we do not charge you fees. The time saving advantages of selling direct are obvious in today's market. So, if you want a fast, fair and fee-free sale, contact SellMyCommercialProperty today.

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