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Whats it Werth?

What's it werth?

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Are you thinking of putting up your takeaway for sale? Maybe you've found that business has slowed down since the fallout from the credit crunch. After all, your customers have had to tighten their belts since the down turn hit, and takeout meals are an obvious thing to cut back on for many.

And now we're all about to face up to more difficult times ahead, as the government starts wielding its axe. This will hit your clients too. So it could be that the market for takeaway restaurants is going to stay thin for some years to come. This means you do need to look long and hard at your takeaway business- is it still viable, and will it be able to see you through the tough times?

But don't panic - your options aren't as limited as you might think. If you own the building you're trading from, there are several ways that you can pull yourself through these difficulties. And SellMyCommercialProperty can give you the help you need if you decide to put your takeaway for sale.

First off, maybe you think that the takeaway business isn't for you. But you do want to hold onto the brick and mortar- that could be a nice little earner, if you get the right tenants. If you want to find a buyer for your takeaway sale, look no further.

SellMyCommercialProperty will readily step in to buy your takeaway business for a decent price. And we can give you cash fast, money that gives you the chance to try something new. We can also pay for your building and business together, if you really want to make a fresh start.

But perhaps you're not despairing. You know your trade, your idea was a good one, and you can turn things around. What you need is a cash injection; then you can pay off your debts. And maybe freshen up your premises, get your name in the local paper, and put some leaflets out there. You can do this, with no hassle, and end up with cash in your hands, quicker than you think.

SellMyCommercialProperty are experts in sale and lease back. We will pay a good price for your takeaway premises, and then sign you up to a lease as long term tenants. You can still depend on good security of tenure, as long term leaseholders. So you get another chance to make the most of the town and customers you that know, and get the tills ringing again.

If, instead, it's a change of location you're after, then SellMyCommercialProperty can help here too. We can give you the chance to get the funds you need to purchase a new property, somewhere with better prospects, or to start again with a completely new idea. So don't delay, get in touch with us today, and you may find putting your takeaway for sale is the big decision that gives your life the kick start it needs.

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